1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Le regne & loy soubz Venus esleué,
Saturne aura fur/sur Jupiter empire:
La loy & regne par le Soleil leué,
Par Saturnins endurera le pire.

A transiting subject and the lack of a start, middle or finish makes this an excessively subtle quatrain. Dolores Cannon by her own special methods has decided it must mean that poor old Ogmion will live through the worst of times. I’ll tackle this particular Nostradamus Quatrain  in reversed line order.

Line 4. ‘Saturnins’ comes from the language of alchemy. The planet Saturn was held to have influence over lead, especially the ‘seeds’ of lead which were said to manifest lead’s properties and qualities. The OF ‘pire’ as an adjective is perjorative in meaning – the very worst be it a degradation, deprivation or debasement. It could also mean a pear or a cut of mutton or the boom used for holding water at a fixed level. It appears in several languages, including Turkish, to mean either the city-seaport of Piraeus or a parasitic flea or a patriarch.

Line 3, OF ‘esleu’ would usually mean ‘elected’ although treating ‘esleué’ as a form of the OF verb ‘élever’ produces the notion of gaining in hauteur, with or without movement. (Figuratively, reflecting new heights, newly increased, with a new sense of superiority or seniority – astrologically, in its own Sign.) Or OF Line 3, ‘leué’ and Line 1, OF ‘esleué’ might just be odd verbal constructs from the noun ‘leu’, a Roman coin which sported an image of a lion. The Sign of Leo is lionly and kingly, proud and predatory. OF ‘leué’ as OF ‘lever’ can give us ‘to lever up, to thrust, to raise up, to prove or to put up with something’. Other possibilities are to laud or to give place to whilst rather more remotely it’s the reading of the signs or the reading of minds. Alternatively Line 1, OF ‘efleué’ and Line 3, OF ‘leué’ might have been some local derivation from the noun ‘fleuve’, river, producing confluence and flowing or, in a more negative sense, raging and eroding.

Because of the typeface used by the printer it is not clear whether Line 2 intends OF ‘fur’ or OF ‘sur’. To complicate matters further the 1557 Utrech Du Rosne edition has Line 2 modified with ‘fus’ or ‘sus’ being employed instead. An error or a correction of an earlier error? OF ‘fus’ is from ‘être’ to be, ‘fur’ means ‘as’, ‘sus’ is from ‘savoir’, to know. OF ‘sur’ placed after a verb can mean the body’s position relative to the ground or denotes a point of contact. (It can also mean ‘about, across, along, against, more than, on, immediately after or before’ and even to overpower or to overlay. A heavily used word.)

Translation 1:
The realm and law under Venus moves into Leo,
Saturn will have Jupiter within its dominion:
The law and the realm by the Sun made kingly,proud, predatory,
By base metal seed will suffer the very worst.

Translation 2:
The realm and the law under Venus in raging confluence,
Saturn will have an empire with Jupiter:
The law and the realm by the Sun’s flow eroded,
Through base metal seed will suffer the very worst.

Translation 3/4:
The realm and law under Venus’s hauteur,
The realm and law under Venus the elected one,
Saturn will have superiority as Jupiter is in its dominion:
The law and the realm by the Sun raised up,
For reasons of base metal seed will suffer the very worst.”

Further attempts at translation would probably make for an advantageous farrago but all must lack full meaning until the missing subject-pronoun in Line 4 is made clear by some worrying worldly circumstance or horrific event. (The hallmark of Bible Prophecy is that it is designed to become clear only retrospectively, without directly altering the supposed sequential flow of history, and Michel de Nostredame may well have emulated this.)

Whatever, this Nostradamus Quatrain V 24 chimes with Nostredame’s foresight in the Epistle to the King (in the section on ‘the reds and whites with neither hands nor eyes’) that legalists and legalisms will eventually suffer a great defeat. This verse may be telling us astrologically when it could happen, or else the planetary references that evoke certain states/empires like old Rome, the British Trading Empire, the US military bases world-wide and the mighty Vatican.

It is true that we are all influenced by our giant Sun’s activity, its sheer destructiveness and glorious creative influence. Lead, pB, is a shield against radiation. It is also an accumulative poison and a curse of the modern age. A build-up of lead causes mental derangement and death. British children’s comics after WWII employed aggressive speech-bubbles like “Eat lead, Fritz!” and the real or virtual hand-fired projectile still abounds in social imagery. Much state-owned weaponry today would probably be unreconizable to Nostredame, such as the deceptively-named ‘depleted uranium’ artillery shells which destroy the innocent collaterally and will imbue deadly damage all-round in the long-term.

Gold-from-base-metal (lead) is also alchemical-speak for the alchemist’s supposedly parallel progression from the baseness of the lower self into the Enlightenment of the Higher Self.

The CERN Hadron Collider has impacted lead nuclei together at the highest energies possible. The dense sub-atomic particles ensuing have reached temperatures in excess of ten trillion degrees. Matter melts at these temperatures resulting in a quark-gluon plasma-soup. Subatomic fireballs observed during the process emit excessive quantities of particles by radiation. Radiant active Saturnins?

Otherwise, ‘Saturnins’ might just be Michel Nostredame’s best take on ‘nano particles’ … or even the role of Piraeus, among other ports, in supplying ISIS/Daesh.

“An inspection at the Piraeus port’s container terminal carried out by officers of the Greek Financial Crimes Squad’s narcotics unit and a team of US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents led to the discovery of a container carrying 26 million prescription opioid painkillers (its final destination was a Libyan company) broadly used by members of ISIS as energy boosters.” June 3rd 2016, Ekathimerini.com

Pill-popping bullet-firing jihadists employed on a global mission?

Line 4, OF ‘endurer’ also could have meant ‘capable of supporting something painful’

“Par Saturnins endurera le pire” perhaps could mean ‘through those made capable of enduring the worst or most painful thing by the particles of a pill’.

Bad Times Translation 5:
The realm and the law under Venus in raging confluence,
Saturn will have an empire with Jupiter:
The law and the realm eroded as the Sun flows,
Through those made capable of enduring the worst by the particles of a pill.

Better Times Translation 6:

The realm and the law at its best under Venus,
Saturn will be tempered by Jupiter:
The law and the realm raised up by the Sign of the Sun ,
The seeds of the dire yet endure.

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