Although I mainly restrict myself to the two ‘royal’ epistles and the quatrains of the Centuries numbered I through X (which I call the ‘Opera Nostradamus’ much like the astrology of precession was called ‘L’ancien opéra’) there are other printed sources for long-term prophecy by Michel Nostredame. Here’s the Presage quatrain for April 1564:

Secret conjur, conspirer populaire.
La descouuerte en machine esmouuoir.
Contre les grands la bestiale fere:
Puis trucidee & mise sans pouuoir.

OF ‘machine’ would refer either to a mechanical artifact, usually an engine of war, or an astral device that is a mobile assemblage of constituents in the Medieval universe.

OF ‘esmouuoir/émouvoir’ means to trigger or spark or encourage something, begin a trial run, exhort to action, generate excitement or emotion, incite.

OF ‘fere’ was a Saint’s Day, a festival, a feast.

OF ‘trucidee’ was assassination or a revenge killing.

Secretive entreatment, to conspire in favour of the people.
It is revealed by moving the astral device into activity.
The great ones at perfect variance (the bigger objects on the device were major planets) The Feast of Beasts:
Then revenge with the opponent laid-out beyond his worldly powers.

OF ‘bestial’ means a person more beast-like than spiritual and if this were not about the greater planets it would fit to Nostredame’s feelings about Mars. Perhaps an assassination or maybe it means that the demi-gods feast upon a beast (the Great Bear?) or upon a particular Saint’s Day, say St.Francis of Assisi.  This could be a precise if somewhat complex time reference for a murder.

If this text had used OF ‘poisson bestial’ it would have meant a fish as big as a beast which then would bring to mind Capricorn the sea-goat. (As mooted in the section on quatrain 1 80 in the Article CELESTIAL SCIENCE-ART: A COMPANION TO GODLY ASTROLOGY)

Line 1 puts me in mind of Mid-Eighteenth Century France, starting 1830 with the reign of the Citizen King, Louis-Phillipe, a good-hearted constitutional monarch who was surrounded by intrigue from the off. For protection he built a government of muffled monarchists and a black bureau was the result. Paris filled with characters from elites of all shades – those officials trying to turn the clock back by a greater or lesser degree plus divers Revolutionaries, Legitimists and Bonapartists. With the voice of Madame Guillotine still ringing in their ears all were to justify what they plotted and manouevred as egalitarian and democratic for the betterment of the common people, the populus general. Napoleon III the last French Emperor took over from the last King of the French in 1848 and the Second Empire existed until a succession of defeats by Poland brought about its collapse in 1870. In that same year came the siege of Paris. One Monsieur Bonvalet, the mayor of a Paris arondissement, set out to justify his notion that those at risk in hospitals and almshouses could be fed during the oncoming troubles by culling beasts from the Public Zoo. Using his connections with zoo officials, Bonvalet hosted an extravagance for his friends, a Feast of Beasts, a meal of wild game including a roasted bear, camel ros à l’Anglais and escalope d’éléphant. It was held at a famous restaurant and sported fine wines and humanitarian talk that amounted to nothing.

Of course, eccentric dining had also been a Medieval speciality including the Sixteenth Century servings from the menus of the Medicis (living birds of song) and Tycho Braye (a well-trained cloven creature to entertain its devourers) but we should not forget the meal hosted by sick French President Mitterand in 1995. It was promoted as beneficial to the pride of France and featured haute cuisine such as buntings drowned in Armagnac then prepared to be eaten whole with the diner’s head completely covered by a napkin so as not to miss a thing. (Or else help hide from the bright light of publicity – it was not a legal morsel.) After that he ate little or nothing at all and died within ten days.

(A further presage is inserted as an introduction to the Nostradamus Quatrains VI 11 and V 65 and I 91: ‘191 IS THE REAL 911’)