Today there are  some who say that the present Iranian leadership are messianic caretakers whose wish is to promote/provoke the appearance of their revered End Time figure Mahdi. Unbelievable. According to shock-jokey Alex Jones the title ‘Navy Seals’ is owned by the Walt Disney corporation. There is a serious list of other special forces or commercial corps and terrorist-cum-mercenary group titles that definitely do not. Due to all this and the great multi-ethnicity in the USA – and now in Britain, France and Germany – a small ‘native-speaking’ alien force could possibly surface suddenly and confoundingly in the majority of countries. Whilst to me these are dangerous days of distinguished disinformation that citizens of the West must learn to see straight through,  Jones directs his attention to ‘false flag operations’ and has warned us to expect something special that links with the sensitive Strait of Hommuz. But wait, how can he know?

Michel de Nostradame (who might have made a supreme serious documentary maker or great guru journalist for today) wrote concise sea-battle quatrains including IX 43 (which reads like it is the historic Battle of Lepanto but possibly is not) and III 1 (which doesn’t seem to be about the Battle of Lepanto but surely is).


IX 43

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Proche â descendre l’armee Crucigere
Sera guettee par les Ismaëlites
De tous cottez batus par nef Rauiere,
Prompt assaillis de dix galeres eslites.

Immediately anterior to the sea attack by the Crusader force,
It will be closely watched by the Arabs
OR snares will be set by the Arabs
All participating battle groups battered by (or crews being the flagellants of) the ship ‘Raviere’,
Rapid assault by ten elite galleys.

Line 1, OF ‘â’ is proximity, perhaps similar to astern, aboard, ashore in English. OF ‘guettee’ has the meaning to watch or guard somebody for their protection or to grasp their bad intentions. Or to monitor or observe so as to surprise or lay a trap for someone. OF ‘descendre’ is an odd word to use here. Today we often say ‘to descend on (a place)’ but in the Middle Ages that suggested angels coming down from the place where God resides or else riders dismounting their horses. However, by 1559 (in ‘Flamin’ by Amyot) it was used to mean forcing an entry, the  naval expression being “ship coming down on the attack” .

Line 2. About Ishmael, firstborn of Abraham, disputed over his legal seniority to Jacob: He gets a bad press in Christianity, goes one better in Judaism and does best in the Q’ran. ‘Ishmaelite’ generally defines the Arab peoples, particularly the Arab tribes of the North.

Line 3, OF cottez = tunics/coats of arms = contributing groups or crews or formations in a battle.

 OF ‘batus’ is probably from battre, to beat down, or this is the substantive ‘flagellant’ or else some meaning nearer the modern usage ‘shoes’, perhaps as in ‘booting-up’.
‘Rauiere’ sounds a little like ‘rower’ or ‘rover’and written as ‘raviere’ or ‘rabiere’ it literally means gravel pit (when filled with water they make a good boating lake!) whilst ‘ravoire’ is strife or else a serf’s punishment that some of his property will be destroyed by his lord. As a ship’s name it would probably indicate one of a wide range of ravishings from ‘Delight’ to its opposite, ‘Rape’.  (There was an American-built British carrier called HMS Ravager, now scrapped.)

Alternatively the ‘nef Rauiere’ could be a functionary like ‘boat coxen’, although that’s only a random guess, but translated as ’rover’ was a usual synonym for the Mediterranean Corsair (the Corsairs extended to the Atlantic in the Seventeenth Century and built the first tall-ships, at first called ’round ships’ for no obvious reason – rauiere is round ship?) who took fishing boats and trading ships alike, enslaving their crews and using them as pilots so even snatching English coastal villagers from their beds into the slave trade.

A futher possible candidate is the ‘caravela latina’ or ‘caravela redonda’ (the square-rigged version of this small ship) whose class-name could well have inspired the legend ‘Raviere’. This was an adaptable type of sailing ship in use between the Fourteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. (The famous Nina and Pinta that accompanied Columbus were three-masted Caravels.)

These are the latest naval flag-bearers of similar name to Raviere today:

The USS Paul Revere led attack transports for amphibious landings. The Spanish Navy acquired it as ‘Castilia’ after which it was decommissioned in 1998; present whereabouts and condition unkown. (But possibly known to somebody at Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.)

USS Raven is a small, explosive-resistant, littoral minehunter, part of a now decommisioned class of vessels. It was in the Persian Gulf in 2005 but after 2007 it went over to Egyptian naval use, handy for the Suez Canal.

USS Rainier has the speed of a Destroyer but is a self-defending service ship for Replenishment At Sea of aircraft carriers.

Line 4, OF ‘eslites’ is commonly translated as ‘elite’, which I’ve used simply for brevity, although it is closer to ‘élire’, honoured to be selected, or ‘les eslus’, the most striking among their order, i.e. possibly chosen at the time rather than a permanent ranking.

At first glance, this quatrain is entirely historical information. The Battle of Lepanto in 1571, fought between Turkish Moslems and combined Christian forces inspired by the Pope, was the last use of oar-propelled ships/boats in their fleet formations during a war.  

‘Rauiere’ would then be either the apprehension of a galley’s name (there were hundreds of them at Lepanto, all with individual names) or it is a designation used by some participants at the time (groups from divers nations were present) possibly for a special design, such as cannon-carrying small galleys used only tactically to protect gaps in flanks. Or it is simply a description akin to “row boat” being used as a title.

If President G.W. Bush had not used the word “crusade” in a public statement of intent this would be a ‘retro-prophecy’. As it is, the USA and allied forces in the Middle East are also in the frame here and Nostredame would then be confirming that this is indeed a modern Religious War.

The Twentieth Century saw the development of Special Forces boat squadrons as much as the ubiquitous Motor Torpedo Boat. The present Century has already generated extra-Special Forces with very high-powered armed craft. During the more resentful days of international trade, even some civilian jet-propelled dhows armed with deck-guns and cash were moving at speed between freeports and mainland destinations. Saudi Arabs may fear most the return of the Persian Empire as Iran is only a hovercraft’s flight away.

The extremely sensitive Strait of Hormuz (through which a significant  portion of the world’s oil shipping passes) is legally patrolled by Iranian military boat crews and entered as legally as possible by small boats from touring mother-battleships of Western powers. There are thousands of Iran Revolutionary Guards (a special force) stationed around the island of Abu Musa (Mabus?) to watch the Strait, let alone trained ‘lurcher’ cruise missile sites on the coastal mainland.

Why does the ‘ship Raviere’ impact on all sides and risk drawing down fire upon itself from each participating crew? A false flagged intruder? A harsh Ottoman whipping bound galley-slaves? Or a service ship re-booting others?

The US Navy revolves tours of duty of fighting ships in named fleets such as ‘the Fourth Fleet’ and ‘Fifth Fleet’ and does not list current ship’s names in response to general enquiries. Feb 16th 2012, Reuters reported that the a/c USS Abraham Lincoln, tailed by a Destroyer, had entered the Strait of Hormuz “in transit to the Gulf of Oman”. By the first week of March 2012 the US Navy heavyweight, nuclear-powered a/c USS Enterprise, had joined a/c USS Carl Vinson which works with the USS Makin Island Amphibious Group. They are all currently serving in the Fifth Fleet Area of Responsibility. The names ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Carl Vinson’ combined will render the jumbled letters for the Nostradame’s ship’s name ‘Raviere’. The jumbled letters of ‘Abraham Lincoln’, ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Carl Vinson’ may be found in Nostradamus Quatrain IX 43, out of interest.

                             (Also see ‘Raymond Mabus’ and ‘Abu Musa’ in II 62 Mabus By Name)


1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Apres combat & bataille nauale,
Le grand Neptune a son plus haut beffroy;
Rouge auer faire defraieur viendra pasle,
Metant le grand ocean en effroy.

Line 1, OF-Occitan ‘Apres’ is after but Occitan also has ‘apres’ as meaning informed and OF ‘âpre’ meant violent or disagreeable to the senses

Line 2. OF ‘beffroi’ was the watchtower of the Northern cities and Southern villages (plus an alarm = a bell-tower) or a mobile upright for siege purposes

Line 3, ‘aver faire’ is Occitan, ‘to have +  the infinitive = the future tense’. OF ‘defraieur’ could also be ‘de frayeur’ or ‘d’effrayeur’ and whilst these latter summon-up agitation or even terror it possibly implies the inner relief of others present when one participant pays the looming debt incurred by all; defrayment. OF ‘pâle’ = whitish, ashen

Line 4, OF ‘metre’ is to put, place, bring or make.

After-Violent-Informed-Discomfiting combat and Naval battle,
The great one (Neptune) in his most high watchtower:
The ruddy face will have been decreased becoming ashen,
Bringing the mighty Islamists into dread.

Müezzinzade Ali Paşa died at the Battle of Lepanto, 1571, where he commanded the Turkish fleet. As the son of a muezzin who calls the faithful to prayer he too had called the nearby royal palace to prayers from the high minaret of his father’s mosque. Sultan Selim favoured him. In 1570 he and Lala Mustafa Pasha had seized Cyprus from Venice. Young statesman and warrior Ali had navigated from Crete to Morea to block all Christian relief to beseiged Cyprus. At the Battle of Lepanto he led head-on rowing charges as if a cavalry commander and became encircled by the naval crusaders holding their formations better. (Oar-driven craft do not blow around like sailships and can be managed with more timely precision.) The flagship galley Sultana of ‘Ali Pasha’ went head-to-head with the flagship galley LaReal of ‘Don Juan’ and was boarded. With both sides seeking combat reinforcements it took one hour of bloodshed to capture Ali Pasa who was shot through the head and decapitated, his head lifted aloft on a pole. At that defeating sight, the Turks lost heart and began to disengage.

Line 1 contains the jumbled letters of Ali Pasa, Line 2 contains Lepanto, Line 3 yields ‘nef Rauiere’ which is the proper noun found in Nostradamus Quatrain IX 43 and this quatrain as a whole contains Lala Mustafa Pasha, Sultan Selim, Chypre/Cyprus, Constantinople, Crete and Morea and the names of the flagships ‘Sultane’ and ‘LaReal’.  By a strange coincidence, it also contains the letters ‘uss gabrielle giffords’ and ‘raymond mabus’. (10th February 2012, US Navy Secretary Raymond Mabus named a new coastal combat ship the USS Gabrielle Giffords.)

Nostredame seems to consider the high-ranking young hot-head Ali Paşa as being Neptune, ruler of the waves. This probably reflects the dominant seagoing position of the Ottomans in the Mediterranean right up to Lepanto. The most high watchtower seems both the mosque minaret of the muezzin listened-out for by the Sultan and the long pole parading the severed head. His face turned red with violent passion and exertions is now physically drained of blood, as also are his men’s from sinking emotion when they see his head triumphantly held aloft.  The word ocean could refer figuratively to both the reddened surface of the Venetian Adriatic-Mediterranean and the religious division of the antagonists into the Christian see and Islamic ocean.

On another level altogether this is a naval battle at a time when the planet Neptune is most probably in its own Sign, Pisces, (now and for twelve years) and Mars the Red Planet is so positioned that it’s a pretty pink (from mid-February 2012 for a while) and the ocean is a sea of stars in the sky. But this might require Nostredame to Remote View the modern night sky and know of the existence of Neptune. There are indicators that he impossibly did both. (See Nostradamus Quatrains IV 28 and IV 33 Neptune Veiled)

                                        Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012