1557 Lyon Du Rosne

La saeur aisnee de l’isle Britannique,
Quinze ans devant le frere aura naissance:
Par son promis moyennant verrifique,
Succedera au regne de balance.

The elder sister of the British Isle
Will be born fifteen years before her brother,
A promise by way of verification,
She/He will succeed to the kingdom of the balance.

Line 1, OF ‘saeur’ and soeur’ both mean a blood sister. OF ‘aisnee/aîné’ is the eldest among siblings. OF ‘l’isle Britannique’ is the British Isles, in those days a generalized differentiation from the point of view of the Continental mainland. In fact, there are indications in the Centuries that  Michel Nostredame may have thought Scotland was physically separated, if narrowly so, from England and Wales.

Line 2, ‘naissance’ is primogeniture. The traditional British system of succession gave royal younger brothers precedence over their older sisters. This is being changed to accommodate the daughter of a royal successor.

Line 3, OF ‘moyennant’, is of the mean, an intermediary or middling position. OF ‘vérifique’ means verified but could also have meant true and cleanly achieved. OF ‘son’ was/is a possessive adjective as well as a noun (sound, summit) and ‘sa’ and ‘ses’ the same. The gender here may be taken from the sister or her younger brother according to the interpretation grasped.

Line 4, ‘regne de balance’ suggests the political equivalent of a dominant tone in a harmony. Interestingly, the English strongly uphold the notion of Union over single statehood but will mistakenly say ‘England’ to mean all Britain. The other nations are not so keen on the union and tend to speak as if they were resistance members reluctantly suffering English domination. Yet in truth there is a working balance, centered in a real sense on the very successful city of London.

Until 10,000 years ago Ireland was physically attached to the main island of Britain, In formal political terms, the oldest large unit of the present United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the Kingdom of Scotland. Then the Kingdom of England which became enjoined with Wales in 1536. The Lordship of Ireland survived until 1541 when it conjoined with the Kingdom of Ireland. This gave way to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Irish Catholic South later broke away, first in 1922 as the Irish Free State and then as Eire in 1937. By this historical account a significant span of 15 years is quite recurrent but that in itself is not a conclusive solution to this Nostradamus Quatrain  IV 96.

It has been suggested that Anne the Princess Royal is the subject of the first line of this quatrain by the 14-15 years gap is between herself and her youngest brother, Edward the Earl of Wessex. She was once the first child in line to the Throne but now the possibility of her succession is expressed in double figures.

The problem lies in locating exactly this 15-year sister-brother gap in British history. There seems to be no crowned King or any heir that will fit to this any better than the unlikely combination of Prince Edward viz Princess Anne. However the alteration to the succession to permit a female who is in line to succeed has been discussed and mooted publicly.

It might be that the ‘sister’ of the ‘isle Brittanique’ was, to Nostredame, a future British colony across the water from Continental Europe, or even the ‘States of America’. More recently Hillary Clinton wanted the US Presidency but her political ‘younger brother’ Bara(c)k Obama outflanked her with his grand and very widely-believed promises for the future. Otherwise, this quatrain holds a promise for the future.