Trente de Londres secret coniureront,
Contre leur Roy sur le pont l’entreprinse,
Luy, satellites la mort degousteront.
Vn Roy esleu blonde, natif de Frize.

(Also see the Nostradamus Quatrain IV 89 in the Article NOSTRADAMUS AND THE NINE YEARS WAR OF THE GRAND ALLIANCE)

Line 1, OF ‘coniureront/conuire’ I take this to mean conspiring. It seems rather like a mix of OF ‘comuir’, the disposition of a person or project, and OF ‘couvrir’, variously meaning to hide, to encompass, to clothe oneself, isolate oneself, protect oneself, conceal one’s intentions, get under shelter or the act of covering a feudal fief in the event of a transfer of vassal.

Line 2, OF ‘pont’ in Nostradamus is usually a bridge although sometimes a pontiff. It has yet another meaning – the bar on the hilt of a sword that protects the hand. I can easily imagine these emboldened co-conspirators crossing their swords up to the bridges (at an address on a bridge – London Bridge had houses on it once) before carrying out the deposition of their King and instituting another in his place.

It seems from Line 3 that they chose against regicide: OF ‘degousteront/dégoûter’ is to experience disgust or repugnance. Or else have the desire or appetite (for death, ‘la mort’) removed.

Line 4, OF ‘esleu/eslu’ could mean of elevated substance, eligible for appointment as a functionary (under suffrage), elected, of good quality, excellent, a perfect choice, a finance officer in charge of apportionment of taxes (Thirteenth Century) or a hairy woollen cloth.

OF ‘natif’, native to a place by birth. With a substantive it can mean ethnic or it can designate a social classification. 

OF ‘Frize’ is Frisia a province or region of Northern Europe once controlled by the Angles, the Saxons and the Franks. They are rather Anglo-Germanic with a noticeably high rate of blonde-haired people among them.

Thirty of London conspire in secret,
They decide (at the bridge/to the hilt) a joint undertaking against their King,
These King’s henchmen have no taste for regicide.
Elected: a King with hair as blonde as one born Frisian.

My previous one best choice was King James II who married a Catholic and so had the many Protestants of Seventeenth Century England worried about their future. His Lords overthrew him for this. However, he was not especially famous for being held on high by anybody, nor for blonded or fair hair.

Perhaps striking hair is the thread running through the last line, not the clue to regal provenance that it had appeared to be at first sight? President-elect Trump has a germanic family name and it happens that the letters of ‘donald’ are available from Line 4 – and ‘Melania’ from Line 3 – whilst the letters of ‘trump’ are in the quatrain as a whole. The letters of mod.Fr. ‘président désigné’ and mod.Fr. ‘cérémonie d’inauguration’ are also present in the quatrain as whole, but not both at the same time. (OF ‘inauguration’ meant ‘a place devoted to divination’.)

In any event this endangered man – whoever he turns out to be or to have been – will not be assassinated by hateful insiders it seems and will maintain his lofty position as Monarch for a while at least. (The 30 of London, in today’s currency, might be a ruling gang of City bankers – more kleptocratic kingmakers than sincere subjects – with deep outreach internationally. The so-called Committee of Three Hundred might also fill this bill among divers secretive sects and syndicates who figuratively keep the wheels of a supposed empire in good order/disorder.)

                                                    NIGELRAYMONDOFFORD (C) 2017