The position in the Middle East today is perilous and complex.

(See the webpage “A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global Politics pose as biblical End Time” on our sister site ‘Nostradamondo.wordpress.com’ and the extensive Wikipedia page List of Armed Groups in the Syrian Civil War
  One of these many groups is the US-befriended SDF  an alliance built-upon the success of the ‘Euphrates Volcano’ and who confronted the IS at Hasakah in the East together with Syrian government soldiers.

(jihadology.net currently carries a history of Jihad in the form of a spoken interview with expert Charles Lister, now bonding with Brookings Doha.)

Turkey has utilized the mask of NATO in order to wage a “clandestine violent regional war” in the West of Syria whilst maintaining all levels of links to Washington D.C. And after years of trying to enter the EU, Turkey has been hedging its bets by moving towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (presently they are a ‘dialogue partner’). Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were once the ‘mad dogs’ of the Middle East Mediterranean region but now Recep Tayyip Erdogan has bared his teeth at Russia and so the world. Who put him up to it? Putin has responded, “This was a stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorists” and “Do they want NATO to serve the interests of ISIS?” They have straightaways bombed extensively the ISISIL oil-tanker motor fleet lined-up outside Turkey that has already carried hundreds of millions of dollars of terrorist-claimed fuel across that border (USD1m per day going to ISIS it is said). As with the US VP’s son socketed into Ukraine’s economy, Bilal Erdogan is perhaps becoming pre-eminent pocket-wise among the international community of commodifiers – although not quite at the level of the U.K. boysclub. The US had also bombed but gave written warning first as is only fair when disturbing hand-fed body-ripping terrorists.

The Supreme Leader of Iran has said this to the Syrian President:

“You are a source of pride because you have stood up to the enemies of Islam, this global war, and extremist Takfiri movements.”

No matter who started the wars the wide world is in crisis. Russia has installed the long-awaited S-400 missile system in Syria. (Iran has some deadly serious Russian missiles, too – see II 62 MABUS BY NAME.) Turkey has blocked the Bosphorous/Dardanelles. British Prime Minister Cameron has pledged support to Turkey and ordered more fighter jets despite his imposed ‘austerity period’ so causing a curious cloud to hang upon the national atmosphere like nothing before. Soon-to-be-voting Americans are now sensitive to any talk of a new war, let alone against Russia and possibly China. (Shades of the prophesied invasions of both Europe and the Middle East by both Russia and China.) NATO/the EU may yet melt internally to a degree. The US is yet to show its hand plainly and honestly. The UN will round-table big time with plenty of PR opportunities made available to key members.

Meanwhile many Arabs (and not just Syrians) have been heading North to all parts of Europe. This now-massive war migration of displaced families/invasion of assertive young males making demands is in part a result of disruptive jihadical activities and yet elements are already being discovered supporting, if not promoting, jihadism.


Islam (a religion strangely dependent on a deep knowledge of Arabic and yet housing the ethereal Sufism) has such a stranglehold on Arabian daily life that we should suspect that a raw and hypocritical abuse of its precepts will break surface, sadly.


Nostradamus references two styles of ‘Chameau’

Camel Number 1

IV 85

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Le charbon blanc du noir sera chassé

Prisonnier faict mené au tombereau:

More Chameau sur piedz entrelassez,

Lors puisnay fillera l’aubereau.

This seemingly impossible quatrain has caused such nonsense to be offered up via over-exerted translations that I have decided to start from the point of view that the 1557 printer’s made quite a mess of it.

Line 1, OF ‘chasser’, to hunt, could well give us ‘the embers chased black to white’ but the very similar print-type that would give us OF ‘chauffer’ would suggest to stoke-up the black and white embers.

Line 2, OF ‘tombereau’ has its equivalent in OF ‘rets’ and by analogy this could mean a silken thread. (Astrologically it would mean an astrolabe, otherwise a fishing or hunting net.)

Line 3, OF ‘chameau/came/camin’ means the camel, an animal that survives well in arid conditions due to a supply of fat (though schoolteachers often say water)  in its hump. The word could also mean an enduring fabric made of camel’s under-hair. Although worn by both sexes internationally this material, rivalling cashmere, has been a favoured badge of British upper-middle class and aristocratic males (as was everything even remotely Arabic during the Nineteenth and early-mid Twentieth Centuries).

Alternatively OF ‘carneau’ would look much like ‘cameau’ in the Late Medieval print-type used. At first sight it might even look like ‘chameau’. It means a pivot or hinge such as for a visor (modern Fr., a chimney flue). This is not a serious option but highlights how tricky this Nostradamus Quatrain really is for if ‘chassé/chasser’ is truly about hunting then ‘tomberau’ via ‘rets’ could suggest nets and ‘auberau’ could be the bird involved as OF ‘hobereau’ – a sonic match to OF ‘aubereau’ was a small bird of prey. But if it should have been ‘chaussé/chausser’ then combined with ‘pied’ this could mean a fireplace or hearth or chimney.

I suppose it could just derive from OF ‘abeurador/abeuraire/abreuvoir’ suggesting a watering place for animals (but it can also mean a drinking glass or cup).

 However ‘au’ at the sharp end of a noun can mean a forward part or leading edge (e.g. ’auvent’ means the eaves of a house) and I feel it quite possible that ‘aubereau’ is a mistake or else a lost child’s diminutive of a word similar to OF ‘berceau’, a cradle, i.e. ‘auberceau’, the crib. The OF/Catalan verb ‘filera’ meant will spin or sway.

Line 4. Whereas the portfolio noun ‘puisnay’ means the younger born, ‘puis’ and then ‘nay’ most probably suggests the one then born or the newest born.

Although there is no mention of bed, bowl, towel and rose oil (the main Medieval requisites) this reads remarkably like the scene at a rather peaceable birth with no complications. (But death of the mother was quite common then.) In fact it is a rather homely homily, a piece of inspired domestic poetry.

(Naturally I’ve uncovered this poetism only after writing the Articles NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAINS ARE NOT POETIC VERSE: A ONE-THOUSAND WORD OPINION and Nostradamus est vraie poésie, non? Une perspective de mille mots)

What of the Moor’s Camel? I guess it might have been rather like a footstall I remember in my home as a boy. Brought by ship from Morocco it had a camel’s head carved from wood and a platform for a worked leather cushion. The design was an old traditional one and it could easily have had a swinging bassinet or crib version. The criss-crossing of legs for stability is a venerable design.

Another thought is that the Moors – who were then way ahead of the Europeans – had possibly created something like surgical scissors that may have crossed in a rolling action, like a camel’s hind feet, as they cut or else had two pads for picking things up cleanly, looking much like a camel’s front feet.

The choice of one or the other explanation rather fits to the difference in Line 3 between this 1557 and the 1568 Benoist Rigaud edition, one using OF ‘sur’, on, and the other OF ‘sus’, stand.

Either of these Moorish gifts would have made a suitable present to the pregnant Queen of France from the sultan-caliph-ruler of a country such as Morocco.


Black and white embers stoked,
A prisoner led by a silken thread:
The Moroccan Camel its feet crossed,
Voilà the newest born rocks the cradle.

This Camel #1 seems to facilitate a welcome and human increase.

Camel Number 2

V 68

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Dans le Danube & du Rin viendra boire,

Le grand Chameau ne s’en repentira:

Trembler du rosne & pl’fort ceux de loire:

Et pres des Alpes coq le ruynera.


The great Camel will come to tap/swallow/gobble up
The Danube regions and the Rhine unrepentantly:

Those of the Rhone shake, more strongly those of the Loire and the Alps
France will be ruined in great measure.


Those of the Rhone shake and more strongly do those of the Loire
And near the Alps ‘coq (le) ruynera’. (see below)

The lines of this quatrain must be rearranged to translate them into meaningful English. Lines 3 and 4 are particularly tricky. The colon at the end of Line 3 may or may not be appropriate and was absented from the 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud edition. The choice is whether to include ‘and near the Alps’ as part of a trio of places that get shaken up or to restrict that shaking to the first two examples, the Rhone and the Loire, leaving the Alps as the scene of a final outcome. The problem with the phrase ‘coq (le) ruynera’ is in whether the coq of France ruins the Camel or that Camel ruins France’s coq.

Should the OF verb ‘ruynera/ruinera’ take for its object ‘Chameau’ or more precisely ‘le’? What meaning would the latter then have?

Well, the usual approach by Nostradamus researchers is to translate this line with the assumption that ‘le’ should have definitely been placed before ‘coq’ in the original text but mistakenly wasn’t (without bothering to express any such observation). But if this is a quatrain of printer’s mistakes then OF ‘le’ may well be a mistaken OF ‘lé’, a word which simply expresses the largeness of some dimension of an object.

If the phrase so means “France will be ruined in great measure” then this is a sombre prediction of something that in any normal circumstances could and would be headed-off and prevented by the advantaged efficiency of Europe’s rulers.

The definition of ‘Chameau’ as given under Nostradamus Quatrain IV 85 seems here to be purely analogous to an Arab invasion/incursions without a shred of regret or self-consciousness remorse or any ashamed acts of repentance. Should this refer to the presently ongoing transformation of cultural centres in Europe upon housing ‘revolution’s refugees’ then while it may just be that all succouring of life is God-given and yet many ordinary Europeans hitherto feel they would have shown gratitude and acceptance and a will to conform to the ways of the host if the roles were reversed.

These quatrains appear linked because the word Chameau is in each and bears a capital C in both. Could this be coincidence?

Perhaps I have leaned too far to the outside in my poetic translation of IV 85 yet I feel I cannot find another theme that pulls together all four lines. Please take it from here if you will.

Meanwhile, Camel #2 decreases some hitherto pleasing places with its increasingly unwelcome and apparently malicious modes of intrusion.