1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Les fugitifz & bannis reuoquez,
Peres & filz grâd garnissant hautx puit:
Le cruel pere & les siens suffoquez,
Son filz plus pire submergé dans le puits.

Line 1. ‘fugitifs’ are those who run away, desert, avoid captivity or are transients whereas ‘bannis’ is from a judicial verb, ‘bannir’, to banish.

‘revoquer’ = revoke, recall, return, remember, pull back. In the early Fifteenth Century it could mean to depose or displace somebody. (‘Ballade’, E.Deschamps, ‘Œuvres Complète’, éd. Saint-Hilaire).

Line 2. ‘garnissant’ from ‘garnir’, to garnish in Modern French but in OF it meant to put somebody on guard, guard oneself, mount guard, occupy defensively including stock and furnish.

Lines 2 and 4, OF ‘puit’ is ‘puits’ being a well or a vertical mineral extraction shaft.

Line 3. ‘siens’ = his own. ‘suffoquer’ = to suffocate or be suffocated, to experience great difficulty breathing or some emotion that seems comparably choking.

Line 4. ‘submerger’ = to be covered by liquid, to invade/pervade, engulf, sink.

Translation Note: ending the noun with ‘s’ or ‘z’ does not of itself guarantee the plural form (nor the singular). The earliest known editions of Nostradamus Quatrain IV 53 taken together still leave some assumed pluralities unconfirmed.

The flown and banished are drawn back,
The great father(s) and son(s) guard the most important of the wells:
The cruel father and his own people suffocate,
His worst son engulfed within the well.

The main clue is in the first line. We are in the way of a revolution coming from an older regime-change (incumbents flown or banished) that lately floundered in the seeming stability of autocracy and despotism, with its concomitant nepotism and croneyism. This is now being overthrown by the mass of people fearful that the exploiting son(s) could soon inherit the whole land from their cruel father, the harsh leader, so renewing the cycle. Hence those once excluded feel called to return.

This quatrain fits easily to the oil-rich Middle East countries where leaders are given traditional father-of-the-nation status and wholly revered excepting that systemic corruption steals the wealth of these nations beyond critical mass. *

Possibly ‘the most important well’ indicates a political capital, the seat of power over all the mineral extraction points of the country, or else the well with the highest production level.

The word ‘suffocate’ here could mean smoked-out (literally or figuratively) or else gassed, airless, drowning, emotionally cut-off, financially or politically isolated, besieged.

(Suffocation is also mentioned in Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 85)

*Nations are people: States are machinery for governing. Corruption eats at both people and administrative machines by increments, so causing an alternating comparative weakness. First the nation imagines itself weaker than the State but then the regime weakens its public image through gross immoralities whilst firming en masse the growing revolutionary resolve.

Noble-minded national officers share some of the popular disgust whilst oppositionists who won’t give up, despite brutal repression, symbolically supply a robustness to the emerging rebellion. Apart from the use of terror against small and weak minorities, the only real power any government has is to crack down on criminals with the public’s assent and so once dissent gets a grip they desperately criminalize everybody which puts the police in the front line where they form a tiny minority and so they retreat and hide from the defeating odds, much as known criminals used to do. The armed forces and secret services take sides yet inconsistently. The dictators fall or flee by fatigue and lack of fresh air whilst previously overarching problems suffer ambiguous fates as a few of the newly-freed may pine for the decisionless conditions of their ex-imprisonments.

Change is a long time coming but when it arrives it is very fast indeed as what appears to be “Credo Quia Absurdum” quickly becomes the truth of the matter.

Topical footnote added to this text on 12th September 2011:

Of course, searching-out names hidden in Quatrains may be as important for what cannot be found as for what is found and sonorous Libyan names do not bear direct translation without variations in assigning our awkward alphabet to them. The accepted transliteration of Gaddafi is sometimes romanized with a ‘Q’ or a “K’. Nevertheless I am able to suggest the following names from the letters available in this quatrain: ‘Benghazi’, where the revolution started, and the Libyan capital ‘Tripoli’ are available but Libya is not unless we spell it with two i’s. However ‘Libra’, the Astral Sign for late September and October is readily available. This September – 2011 – brings together ‘Saturne’ and ‘Venus’ signifying a fine time to commit to important agreements.

The Libyan Transitional Council are increasingly being recognized by other countries and they should soon publish their new national manifesto and seek to formalize international relations. Appropriate words extracted from the letters available in this quatrain are; ‘ententes’, ‘pactes’, ‘traités’ and ‘accords signés entre deux états’.

Other finds include ‘Ras Lanuf’, the coastal oil well location with the highest peacetime production level in Libya, attacked by Gaddafi supporters on this day. Also available are the ‘Sirte’ area and the marine resort of ‘Sabha’ which both remain fiercely loyal to the ‘Colonel’ Gaddafi.

Who is the worst of his sons?

‘Colonel Gaddafi’ with his favoured sons ‘Saif al-Islam’ and Mutassim are thought to be in Libya, now classifiable as counter-insurgents. His son ‘Hannibal’ and daughter ‘Aisha’ and their mother ‘Safia’ are in ‘Algeria’ . ‘Agadez’ in ‘Niger’ is where their brother ‘Saadi’ is under state surveillance, having arrived separately from a convoy of Gaddafi supporters laden with wealth under 72-hours brief permission. He is subject to a UN detention warrant for crimes connected to Libyan football.

The son Khamis is dead. The detested, criminally active, elite Khamis Brigade – dedicated to protecting the Gaddafi family – were trained in “counter-surveillance” by a British Army unit. Their last stand involved slaughtering bound prisoners. Khamis died in ‘Tarhouna’ fleeing from pursuers in a heavily armoured Toyota. Rebel fire on the slow van somehow set it ablaze. He crawled out and subsequently died on 29th August 2011. However, it must be said that public statements of capture, imprisonment or death of Gaddafi family members in the past have mysteriously turned out to be wrong. Nevertheless, informed persons of high rank believe him dead.  This incidentally averted the planned warrant for his arrest intended to be issued by the International Criminal Court. Middle East TV stations linked his death to the former intelligence chief ‘Abdullah al-Senussi’, brother-in-law of Colonel Gaddafi. The ICC had previously approved warrants for the arrest of Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and al-Senussi charging them with crimes against humanity.

Topical footnote added to this text on 20th October 2011:

Today the ridiculous tyrant Muammar Gaddafi is said to be dead. Only mobile phone pictures before and after his death have surfaced. The story is confused. Who killed him? The Transitional Council’s soldiers and officials have said that it took place at “a hole in the ground” or else at “a building in Sirte’s District 2” or otherwise in an under-road culvert whilst a USA official said “in a sewer” and a Libyan official said “in a pipeline”, both probably meaning around the 20m x 1m storm-drains under the highway near ‘Zafran’.

There have been photos of his footballing-playboy-security-boss son Mutassim captured alive (but now declared dead by a wound to the lower neck) in the same air attack that destroyed Col. Gaddalfi’s chances of escape by car convoy and there are flitting reports of Khamis still being alive. The golden son Saif al-Islam, a political playboy with friends in the international financial-political elite, is still at large (but some reported his capture today as he staged his own independent dash away from ‘Sirte’ but then he was also reported captured on 12 October 2011 and yet in a single bound he leapt free and not for the first time).

The most detailed initial report has described Col. Gaddafi emerging in his underwear (but a video later showed his shirt being liberated from his trousered body) with a bullet wound to his right hand (good shooting if he was carrying his golden pistol in it) and two to the legs followed by one to the neck  (also stated as “the temple”). Almost, but not quite, a textbook-type ‘relaxation’ yet somehow improbable. Later news mentions abdomen, chest and head wounds let alone the multiple results of beatings and shrapnel. It has been said both that the body will be presented to the International Criminal Court for examination and that it will be buried shortly in a secret location.

The car convoy had been making a successful bolt for freedom from Sirte – the indulged seaside town where Muammar was born – having detoured across country. (His last mobile phone call was to Syria.) It was attacked with French missiles (or GBU-12 500lb laser bombs) a USMQ1 Predator drone (Hellfire missiles) and/or by an RAF fighter plane (take your pick, the convoy split up) melting the Colonel’s fire-spitting metal wagon train, some remnants of which then came under return of fire from the revolutionaries who initially had been taken unawares. This is surprising as the SAS plus other special forces advised the rebels to close off Sirte, accurately anticipating the breakout.

The rebels had intended to attack deeply flooded District Two, a portion of which was held by loyalists supporting Muammar (who had been bombed relentlessly by NATO for some time as he moved from palace to palace, house to house, basement to basement).

It now seems the French took out the middle section of the convoy. (A slightly surprising choice of aim unless they were aiming for somebody. Why not hit the frontrunners?). The detouring convoy then divided.

Apart from initial wounds to his legs (or to one arm, say some) the actual cause of death is either a bullet to the wounded head area or to the chest (under crossfire from loyalists or execution-style, possibly “by a compassionate bodyguard”) or a 9mm bullet later fired into his abdomen by the same man who discovered him,  according to one eye-witness.

An unaccepted attempt at offering surrender means that there will be no trial. A US defence  official claims the convoy survived aerial attack and came under fire on the ground. There were sameday photos of joyous rebels bopping in front of badly burnt-out cars. Yet Colonel Gaddafi did escape for a while.

After three days the NTC announced his body was going into the safe-keeping of three of his “extended family”, then changed to imminent burial in the desert due to a rotten smell. TV stations everywhere showed Gaddafi’s corpse lying on a bare floor for “last respects” although some journalists claim to have seen it in a supermarket freezer (the BBC says “a meat storage facility” and this sounds more like it).

This undignified, self-promoted ‘Leader of the Third World’ had first demoted hisself modestly to Leader of the African Union and then exchanged his Libyan Presidential palace for a rubbish-strewn drainage pipe as if pursuing descent into ultimate oblivion. Yet as a relentless fighter he once effectively ousted a preening Italian colonial power from Libyan soil.

Sirte is fallen and revolution achieved on this day. Above his culvert shelter a rebel has painted these words: “Here is where the Gaddafi rat was hiding” in vivid contrast to the engraving on his golden gun, “The sun will never set on the ‘Al Fattah’ revolution” which he lead 42 years before.

Why is Libya going through all this? Resentment, hatred, revenge over Col. Gaddafi’s reign of fear, envy of his oil wells, the US tracking the weakening of the military target overall after 2003 (same as happened in Iraq over the prevous decade) plus some string-pulling of their kept puppets by powerful groups long-determined to change whole regions of the world by absolutely any means, the wanting of Libya’s vast state wealth, a bankster-political fraudsters ambition to replace the inaccessible state central bank holding 144 tonnes of gold in Tripoli with an easily accessible central bank in Benghazi (as happened in Iraq) or a fear of the new gold dinar and silver dinham currency already trading between Libya and Malaysia. Or even the relatively generous state benefits system which was likely to outshine one day the dissassembling US and UK versions. And what about petrol pumping publicly at only 14 cents a litre?!

How to achieve change? A textbook attempt to isolate and tighten the physical grip over this overconfident opulent regime, strangling the life out of it.

Topical footnote added on 23rd October 2011:

Misinformation to the point of disinformation seems to surround the extraordinarily wealthy Gaddafi family, especially Saif al-Islam. The Osoud el Wadi brigade claimed to have captured Saif uninjured in ‘Nessma’ and taken him to ruined ‘Misurata’ on 22 October. Saif appeared on Syrian TV that evening saying he would fight to the end.

It was widely reported on 21st October that heir-apparent Saif lost one arm or both his arms through an aerial attack despite that a military commander previously declared him captured on 20th October. There are claims that he has now been captured in ‘Zlitan’ during medical treatment.

Today the Transitional Council of Libya’s new leader is aiming for the introduction of ‘Sharia’ law and concomitant Islamic banking (sans interest calculations).

Topical footnote added on 24th October 2011:

British Special Forces and “reconnaissance forces” including sophisticated Nato spy planes are sweeping the deserts. Reuters, quoting a Libyan official, have said, “He’s on the triangle of Niger and Algeria. He’s south of ‘Ghat’ in Southern Libya. He was given a false Libyan passport”. Storybook stuff.

Topical footnote added on 27th October 2011:

Libyan officials say that Saif al-Islam, on the run for a week, is offering to  submit to the International Criminal Court in The Hague if his safety is guaranteed. The NTC say Saif and al-Senussi (Col. Gaddaf’s brother-in-law) have been trying to deal through Niger so as to hand themselves in.

The Lockerbie bombing, the murder of British policewoman Yvonne Fletcher and many deals done with high-flying international friends of Muammar and Saif Gaddafi could get an airing at such a court hearing.

Senussi is possibly in Niger now together with Saif. They are both wanted on ICC warrants for genocide and crimes against the Libyan people. Niger has previously said fugitives would not be sent back to Libya “but the government will also need to respect its international obligations”.

The family of besieged, bemused and tormented killer Muammar Gaddafi will file a war crimes complaint against NATO with the International Criminal Court presumably on grounds of proximate cause of death. There is no more news of ruthless Khamis Gaddafi that would contradict his reported demise after throwing himself from a vehicle engulfed by flames.

Since the beginning of 2010 it has seemed like the Devil is no longer protecting his own neither pulling a cloak over our worst human depravities. We are all exposees now, regardless of which ‘side’ we join together with.

                                                                Nigel Raymond Offord © 2011

UPDATE: October 2012: The remarkable story of the resurrecting Gaddafis took another new twist one year to the day after the death of Muammar Gaddafi. The most feared of his sons, Khamis, who was previously reported dead more than once is now alleged to have died on 20th October 2012 during fighting in Bani Wald. No details are forthcoming and the body is not displayed yet although Dr. Mustafa Abushagur has announced that it rests in a hospital in Misrata.

He was founder and leader of the notorious 32nd Brigade (Khamis Brigade) a kind of Gaddafi family special guards regiment. They were said to have tortured, raped and murdered many in Misrata during a 6-month siege of that city in support of his father. Control of Bani Wald is still unresolved despite continued and bloody fighting. On the same day the old regime’s senior figure Moussa Ibrahim was claimed as having been captured fleeing the town, although his voice may be heard on Facebook apparently denying that event. An official announcement has him on his way to Tripoli for interrogation.

Khamis’s older brother Saif Al Islam remains in custody in Libya. The man who first revealed his hiding place, Wadi Eshatti Battalion’s ‘Cheif Al-Hutmani’, said by some to be a ‘Taureq’, who had gained Saif’s confidence in order to betray him, has apparently been murdered by ‘Satour l’Machete’ in the same 24 hours as Khamis’s alleged capture.

(The words in ‘apostrophes’ as written up to here may be extracted from the letters used in this Nostradamus Quatrain IV 53 OIL WELLS, line-by-line or couplet-by-couplet or from the quatrain as a whole)

Announcements and subsequent reversals of facts, with or without a retraction in between, seem to be a popular Libyan form of disinformation/propaganda. Just about anybody who was anybody has now been reported dead or captured at least once. (This is nothing new, the original Libyan resistance hero Omar Mukhtar was rumoured to be alive for two decades after his death. Likewise Khamis Gaddafi will continue to be around a little longer.)

The Siege of Bani Walid presages the sorry possibility of a new civil war. Gaddafi supporters may have returned there so as to support the besieged town, leading to over two dozen ‘leading lights’ being captured. Street celebrations took place in Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli.

Pro-government Misratan militias are thought to be shelling Bani Walid almost randomly and have deployed suffocating chemical weapons (mustard gas?) presaging a coming massacre or at the very least a crop of long-term disabled for Libya. Sirte residents – where President Gaddafi died in his own home town which was incidentally damaged extensively by NATO – have been watching Bani Wald’s TV station vengefully. A fistful of visiting Misratans have been killed. It is rumoured that the Warshafanna tribe (“Who dares oppose them?” said President Gadaffi)  is attacking government positions around ‘Zanzour’ and violent trouble is stirring in mountainous Brak al Shati as well as Mayah, Aziziya, Souq Juma, Awbari, Sabha, Brak and Jamil and elsewhere. Libyan state TV went off-air in Benghazi after protests against using the claimed capture of Khamis Gaddafi as a moral justification for destroying dozens of homes in Bani Walid, homeland to all the Warshafannas dispersed across Libya.

Is this the return of the analyst-defying 140 tribes of Libya into a War of Throne against the incumbent ‘rebels’?

                                                  Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012


Qaddafi’s children are just as talked about as their father

The modern term ‘Balkanisation’ means separation into autonomous areas and the dividing-up of Somalia gave us the similar sounding term ‘somalisation’ meaning the substitution of the government by disparate militias. Libya has become so chaotic that the newly-coined term ‘libyanisation’ incorporates both conditions.

“The country has become a joke. There is civil war everywhere, there is no money and the best possible career is to sign up to a militia group”

Still unifying external threats are present:

“The Libyan People’s National Movement is following the tragic situation in the homeland, the violation and loss of sovereignty, the recent statements by Italian Minister of Defense regarding moving to the second phase of Operation Sofia where the Italian Navy will work inside Libyan territorial waters in flagrant violation of the United Nations Charter, the agreement of friendship and cooperation between Libya and Italy (signed on 30.08.2008 and ratified by the parties in 02/03/2009), as well as violation of all international laws and norms.”  Jamahiriya News Agency

It’s been a fistful of years since oil-blessed/cursed Libya was placed in peril yet with no decisive outcome (presently they have 3 governments behind them and two general elections, an aborted coup, the insertion of the Islamic State and various ethnic conflicts) and some of those defeated back then are reasserting themselves now – or at least guiding the political reconfiguring of this pierced and fractured major state. 

The rottenness is such that a hankering for the old ‘Jamahiriya ‘or ‘State for the Masses’ ideology of Muammar Gaddafi is reactivating itself. All alternatives to-date have failed. In fact some think, in and outside of Libya, that Gaddafi had the best idea of all for Libya and the NATO imperial coup has not yet produced anything remotely as workable as that. The missing elements that could modernise matters somewhat might be something like a senate, a house of representatives and, for the first time, a constitution.

“In August 2016, for the very first time, the UN invited historic Gaddafi loyalists, including a former president of the People’s Congress (the equivalent of a legislative assembly under the Jamahiriya) to speak in discussions concerning a political and economic solution to the crisis.” 

The Government of National Accord and their rivals, a major Islamic group, continue to carry too little weight. Currency reserves have reduced from over $100 billion USD in 2013 to $43 billion at the end of 2016. Comparisons are now being drawn between the present and the past. It seems like a case of ‘the past’s security seems better than the future’s freedoms’.

At this juncture it seems unlikely that those loyal to Gaddafi will ever return to power yet by strategic alliances they can remain of importance. And under a part of the amnesty law passed by the Tobruk parliament the Gaddafi loyalists who sought refuge in Tunisia and Egypt – around 2 million of them – are enabled to return as they will.

About Muammar’s surviving son Saadi:

“I know that my freedom represents a threat to your lives” states Saadi Gaddafi the football-playing son of Muammar Gaddafi the Libyan dictator of a once-stable state that despite the odd-seeming behaviour of its leader was endowed with very generous social security, education and health protocols and was truly a major feature of the gigantic African continent before its leader was murdered and its gold ‘confiscated’ and its central bank placed within Western globalist controls.

Todate the appointed Al Qaeda/LIFG client regime in Tripoli has disregarded the findings of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention which called for the immediate release of all Al Hadba detainees, including Saadi Gaddafi. The self-proclaimed Tripoli Court of Appeals has postponed the trial of Saadi Gaddafi indefinitely.

“The detainees are subjected to the most horrible forms of torture and abuse to break their will and to demoralize them because their will surmounted NATO’s terrible, horrific campaign, and did not accept subjugation of the Libyan people, which NATO failed to achieve militarily.” Hisham Araab

It’s said that the inmates can only hope that the people or the Army exert some form of influence on their behalf.

About Muammar’s surviving son Saif:

Of the various types of Gaddafi loyalist the group of Saif al-Islam is probably the better organized, so they say. Sentenced to death on 28 July 2015 in absentia in Tripoli, Saif is still alive now in Zentan as a fairly free ‘special prisoner’ of the local militia. He has now published ‘The Seventh Day’ which reveals his life since the exit from Bani Wald on October 17th 2011 when nine vehicles carried 30 people in a break-out foreseen by foreign Special Forces. A NATO fighter plane fired a missile at the car containing Saif seriously wounding him. The convoy was destroyed.

“I did not escape from targeting … with bloody hands … after strikes stopped … the people of the area … next to the place of the attack … surveyed the effects of the air strikes then and found me injured … therapeutic primitive ways initially … decided to transit to the city of Sirte for the purpose of treatment … did not find … then I moved to Sabha and the coast, and while I am on the coast for the same reason it was agreed with some of the people of the region … to move to the South of Libyan triangle, Salvador, to bring in a doctor from Niger who we met at the triangle’s border to receive treatment.”

“They said Thank God I survived the unjust people .. We will transfer to a field hospital, and they brought doctors and anesthesia and with minimal potential my injury was handled and I bear witness that they have Baalaja … they cut off my fingers, and did not transgress at all.”

“… charged with murder, mass, and the theft of household equipment, and goats from Bani Walid, a great lady of the house there, and brought a person who said he saw Saif al-Islam kill people in the month of Ramadan.”

A witness said:

“Saif al-Islam demanded not to engage in fighting and careful not to kill anyone, but after the entry of NATO asked us to join the battle fronts, the investigator asked me to confess to killing people on the Giuliana bridge, I said, as a matter of skill, that I recognized the killing of people in Benghazi, Misrata and elsewhere.”

From a UK report:

“The commitment of Saif Gaddafi may have allowed Lord Hague (UK’s ex-Foreign Secretary) to support Mahmoud Jibril and Abdul Jalil in the implementation of reforms in Libya without incurring political, military or human costs for intervention and a change in the regime, but we will never be sure … Such possibilities, however, should have been seriously considered at the time.”

Gaddafi loyalists have promoted the relatively moderate profile of Saif el-Islam, who is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He may prove a better prospect than his brother, Saadi, who is now detained in Tripoli – see above. His brothers Hannibal and Mohamed, his sister Aisha and mother Safia, have remained silent in Oman since October 2012, after calling for a violent counter-revolution in the months immediately following the death of Muammar.

Many tribes in the West of the country fear the continued advances of Khalifa Haftar, principal commander of one side in the ongoing Libyan Civil War, who was appointed commander of the armed forces loyal to the elected, internationally backed government, the Council of Deputies. He is supported by tribes in the East starting with the inhabitants of Zentan. In September 2015, the self-proclaimed Supreme Council of the Libyan Tribes chose Saif al-Islam as legitimate representative of the country. This council essentially brings together those tribes who have remained faithful to Gaddafi, a symbolic strength.

Since spring, Ali Kana, former head of the Gaddafi armed forces in the South, has worked to build an army in the Fezzan region. Kana has announced that the group will neither be affiliated with Tripoli or Tobruk, but only allied to a power which recognises the legitimacy of the Jamahiriya.

Excerpt: “The Libyan People’s National Movement … calls on the Libyan people to resist the blatant intervention of the Italian government in sovereign Libyan affairs and demands that the Italian government withdraw its battleships from the Libyan coast and any military presence, on Libyan territory or in the territorial waters. (It) warns the Italian government of the consequences of continued interventionism and reminds them not to repeat Italy’s errors of 1911, because those hideous scenes are still fresh in the minds of the Libyan people, so that any interference from Italy or others in Libyan affairs and any military presence or external aggression against the Libyan people will be resisted with all of our might and strength. (It) draws to the attention of the United Nations and the international community that the arguments for military intervention in Libya (such as the fight against illegal immigration, drug trafficking, smuggling) are false pretexts and we remind them to recall the reasons for the tragedy that must be borne by those who participated in the criminal destruction of the nation six years ago, because Libya was a functioning state, a key actor and partner in the establishment of international peace and security, and an active partner in all agreements on security, cooperation and development on the southern bank of the Mediterranean.”

The Founding Declaration of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya
25th December 2016
.  (As posted in full on the website ‘Libya360’ by ALEXANDRA VALIENTE)

Excerpt: In the name of Allah, the Merciful and Compassionate

we announce the launch of the organized popular work, at home and abroad, of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya, a national framework of struggle that combines all Libyan activists to liberate the country from the control of terrorist organizations that use religion as a cover and are bonded by being agents for the foreigner, and the tampering of criminal militias; and to work on building a national sovereign state and maintaining its independence, security, and prestige by means of legitimate institutions. It is a state whose citizens are linked with the bond of citizenship, respects differences and diversity and, maintains rights and duties. It is the state of the judiciary and the rule of law where the Libyan people alone has the right to choose its political system freely and to build a modern advanced economy that depends on its latent potential through developing its natural, material and human resources per a comprehensive development plan that bypasses the miserable reality to open prospects and hopes for a prosperous economy that achieves happiness and prosperity to our great people.”

Issued in the Western Mountain, 26/3/1438 AH

“Saif Al Islam Qaddafi is indeed leading the movement”, Jamahiriya News Agency

Mineral wealth does not necessarily equate with arms dealing, corruption and all types of ‘runnings and traffickings’ or ‘human harvesting’  yet it certainly has in places – including as externally inflicted diffusive means to divisive political objectives.  Concerning brute force the leader of NATO expressed pride in their part of the destabilizing campaign against Libya which he declared would be the blueprint for all future such NATO operations.