1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Libra verra regner les Hesperies,
De ciel, & terre tenir la monarchie:
D’Asie forces nul ne verra peries
Que sept ne tiennent par rang la hierarchie.

Certainly Libra will rule the Occident,
Both firmament and fundament under its governance:
Assuredly the strategic forces of the Orient shall not perish
Strictly seven hold the hierarchy in order.

The seven planets reign over disparate earthly territories here and not by the strict order of their temporal hierarchy as millennial rulers (as they do elsewhere in the ‘Opera Nostradamus’).

It seems ‘les Hesperies’ and ‘Asie’ forms the most important division for the purposes of Nostradamus Quatrain IV 50.

Line 1. OF ‘les Hesperies’ are the Hesperides who were the daughters of Atlas and lived in a fabled garden of gold apples located at the Western Edge of the Earth. As used here it may have a lot to do with the Occidental World, the West. OF ‘verra’ is the future tense of ‘voir’, to see, or else an expression of certainty.

The Air Sign Libra governs places exposed to light and air such as mountains and plains. It was once said to rule places for hunting and hawking. Today we might substitute supreme controllers’ radio towers and military bases. Hesperus is the Greek name for the planet Venus, the Evening Star whilst the plural, ‘hesperies, the feminine case, means ‘of the evening’ or ‘of the West’. Here’s a nod in two directions: the West (a utopian garden, perhaps the mythical island of Atlantis, situated at the Western side of the Earth) and Venus as the Evening Star. (Venus, like Mercury, brightens before sunrise or reappears after sunset.) Among other things the Evening Star marked the birthing of Quetzalcoatl, the god-man of Central America, whose lifecycle was equated with the orbit of Venus. All this points to the Americas, the West, the Occident.

Line 2 seems to parallel the English expression ‘hook line and sinker’. The OF noun ‘monarchie’ was the act of governance.

Line 3, OF ‘forces’ is like forceps and means shears or a scissor-formation or pincer movement. OF ‘peries’ is from ‘périr’ and is to do with ruination. Aquarius is ruled by Mars, suggesting a hostile environment, resonating fear or threats, and not necessarily specific Asian places although it might have meant the East generally.  It goes well enough in partnership with Libra.

Aquarius, like Capricorn, has general rulership over deep wells, quarries, mines and places that are involved in the extraction of minerals from the earth, especially in Arabia, Northern Iran  and Central Asia (also the North of Europe, Croatia and possibly parts of Italy and Romania).

Line 4, ‘ne tiennent par’ or ‘ne tiennent pas’? It is far more likely to be the former yet the negativity of the meaning does not shift so much in either case.

Nostredame, in his EPISTLE TO THE KING, states that the very freedoms enjoyed to excess by peoples – as exemplified by the USA at the turn of the new millennium – will help to rob them of their freedom and place them in thrall. Is Michel Nostredame making a generality of the distinction between West and East  by their being two sides of a World-State that each unify their own by faking conflict with the other? Or could each of the seven icons be a continental ruler maintaining its designated territory, as opposed to their role of each ruling a planetary age?

(In Astrology, the Sun and the Moon were ever counted as part of the family of wandering stars, the planets crossing the Firmament, whilst Earth was ever considered as the Fundament. In Nostedame’s lifetime the remaining five planets of the Firmament were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.)

The seven great Ages proceed from Aquarius through five other Signs to Pisces (as the astrologer’s Zodiac is seen to progress in reverse) and then the cycle meets its renewal. These seven Signs do not include Libra. All seven changes are considered, per se, to be even more dramatic than any socio-political revolution and most probably this incoming change will be signalled by dire physical events or upheavals of the planet, so they say, although the actual timing of that turn – its punctual moment – is highly debatable. Which is not surprising considering that the Ages renew this sequence aproximately 26,000 years apart and whose counting?

The vicissitudes of every century in history have seemed sufficient to convince folks that the time for some giant change is close at hand causing some Nostradamus researchers to suggest that each and every quatrain in Nostredame’s Centuries is now in the past already. However, this Second Millennium’s First Century events seems especially ripe for a total global upheaval.

Libra and Aquarius are compatible, complementary Signs. Each is inclined to assimilate the logic of the other through its own intellectual processes and yet they are each capable of observing the other in a truly detached manner – quite perfect for false regional antagonisms under a shadowy global government, which would explain Line 3, ‘Assuredly the strategic forces of the Orient shall not perish’. Of course! Neither side will ever want to win!

‘Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery.’ Shakespeare

‘In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet… ‘ Dostoevsky

‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.’ Goethe


1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Le divin verbe sera du ciel frapé,
Qui ne pourra proceder plus avant.
Du referant le secret estoupé
Qu’on marchera par dessus & devant.

The Truth will be displayed where all can know it,
Which surely needs no further emanation,
Revealing the buried secret,
Whereupon the march of the human race will go over and ahead.

Line 1, OF ‘Le divin verb’ should be God or Truth but could be a phrase delimiting the Great God of All to the Judeo-Christian Biblical God or some other divinity or it could be a substitute for ‘la Parole’,The Divine Word. Causal Christians will say it’s the Second Coming of Jesus: others will might say this is instead the Spirit of Truth that He prophesied. One meaning of OF ‘frappé’ was a decorative imprint in relief. Figuratively this could mean displayed upon the sky and put beyond argument.

Line 2, ‘ne … plus’ normally means do something more but in literary French ‘ne’ may be placed alone such as before the verb ‘pouvoir’ and certain other verbs. In OF ‘ne’ can also mean ‘and’ or otherwise ‘or’. OF ‘proceder’ = to continue or promote or move along or pursue or act or to emanate from.

Line 3, OF ‘referant’ = referring, pointing-up, displaying, revealing.

The whole world can get it; the previously buried Truth including, inter alia, how the same basic attribute applies to absolutely everything. Then we can all take the higher path and leave the material lies and hypocritical half-truths of our multiple shabby histories behind us. The contrast in Line 4 is between marching over and ahead as opposed to running behind or beneath, i.e. within our present conditioning as to what is normal in our enslavemental societies (especially as the most modern forms of mastery will never bring to the attention of the enthralled that they are ultimately at somebody else’s disposal).

There is something to be learnt by coupling these two Nostradamus Quatrains, IV 50  & I 27. But what? The profound gap between a collectivised illusion of security and truly individualized exaltation/enlightenment with all the protections that it brings?

Perhaps we should consider that everything that is True is God and God may dwell in truthfulness but nothing that is not true is with God and so God can never dwell within such an arena of falsity to love, protect and support you for the simple reason that such a specious domain does not, in Truth, exist and so God which is of and in all Reality cannot go there.

‘Truth is my God.’ Mahatma Gandhi

and the truth shall make you free.’ Jesus of Nazareth, John 8:32
(Young’s Literal Translation Bible)

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