IV 28   and   IV 33    NEPTUNE VEILED,  ABBOTTABAD, 2nd MAY 2011


1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Lors que Venus du sol sera couuert,
Souz l’esplendeur sera forme occulte,
Mercure au feu les aura descouuert
Par bruit bellique sera mis à l’insulte.

Line 1. Fr. ‘sol’ is the soil underfoot (‘sol-air’ is a surface-to-air machine, a rocket or missile)
OF-Latin has the verb saulver (from salvo) which became sauver (save, rescue, protect)
OF has a similar-looking noun ‘fol’ as both a madman and a group of four.
‘Sol’ is Latin for Sun.
Latin Sun or French soil? In context, it looks to be the Sun.

Line 2. OF ‘forme’ is the perceptible aspect of a thing or otherwise its abstraction; a mould, model, pattern. Here I feel it is either a heavenly body or a zodiac-type symbol, an icon.

Line 4. ‘Par’ has quite a variety of acceptable translation twists in addition to ‘through’ and ‘by’, giving us extra flexibility, whilst OF ‘insulte’ = ‘attaque’ (History of Rome, Dion Cassius, transl. Deroziers, 1542) meaning a sudden martial offensive, an assault which definitively consists of ungentlemanly conduct in contempt of all expectation or any respect for engagement protocols.

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Beneath the splendour will be a hidden body/iconic form,
Mercury will have them under fire without cover
A bellicose noise sounds the surprise offensive.

Astronomy sets the time. The event is both particular and zodiacal. Many writers look for the dates of Venus transits of the Sun to explain Quatrain IV 28 but that seems unnecessary. In fact, some transits of Venus conspicuously cross the face of the Sun such as the one in June 2012.

The planet Neptune was unkown in the Sixteenth Century. Or was it? Is Quatrain IV 33 about the discovery of Neptune, giving Michel advanced information even of the proper name?

A diversionary sweep of  QUATRAIN IV 33

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Iuppiter ioint plus Venus qu’à la Lune
Apparoissant de plenitude blanche:
Venus cachée soubs la blancheur Neptune,
De Mars frappé par la granée branche.

Line 1. We can extract ‘Neptune’ from the combined letters of Iuppiter-Venus-Lune. Some names for the god Neptune have included the Latin Neptunus, Ligurian Nettun, Venetian Netuno, the Sicilian and Maltese   Nettunu, the Spanish and Fr.-Provençal Neptuno plus in French Neptune and in Italian Nettuno.

Line 4, OF ‘branche’ can mean a tree part, a branch or spray, or it would be a divining wand. Perhaps ‘granée branche’ is simply the grainy whiteness of the sun’s rays diffused. (It reappears in the Benoit Rigaud 1568 edition as ‘gravée branche’ and Nostradamus Researcher Ionescu used a non-Sixteenth Century edition that provided him with ‘gravée blanche’.)

Venus is the ‘lowest flying’ of all the planets. Space photos are always deceptive due to wavelength biasing, but with the eye alone Venus would appear mostly white and featureless due to its thick cloud layers. Telescopically, Neptune appears a bright blue.

This quatrain seems unusually poetic with Venus having dipped beneath the spume of waves whilst being pursued rather heavy-handedly by Mars. Could the whiteness here be like that of pounding ‘sea horses’ as connected with the ocean kingdom of Neptune? Or the hazy white dazzle of the Sun?

Jupiter entrained more to Venus than to the Moon
Peeping out of the white vastness:
Venus hidden, Neptune under the whiteness,
Afflicted by Mars through the grainy branching.

Now back to base via QUATRAIN IV 28

Simply, a number of planets are rising with the Sun and going down with it too, hanging in the sky so close to the Sun that it masks them from view by immersing them in brilliant sunlight, the granulous branching whiteness seen through glass that is beloved by outdoor photographers.

In fact, the very start of May 2011 drew up the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus exactly in this manner whilst leaving only three planets not in the zodiacal Sign of Aries. If the effect is purely symbolic then Aries is probably the occulted ‘forme’ or icon in Line 2. But the bellicose roar seems to suggest a sudden and very real attack. The possibilities could herald or shake us into a new world perspective with paradigm changes hitherto unsuspected. In IV 28 the assailant is Mercury, in IV 33 it is Mars, which does not rule out that they are of the same eventful period.

(In Gaulish tradition their god Mercury was sometimes masculine and warlike with Mars playing the protector and healer.)

The highly symbolic assault upon and rapid termination of Osama Bin Laden on May 2 2011 comes immediately to mind. (Announced on May 1 2011 in the USA due to the time differential East to West: 66 years to the day since the death of Hitler was announced in America, those supposed ashes also having been ‘underwatered’ eventually.)

After all “Life is what happens while we are planning other things” or according to the overpowering American boxer Mike Tyson, “Everybody has a plan until they get a smack in the face”.

And the Astrological outlook for 2011 and early May in particular? Influential Venus is exalted in Pisces but bellicose Mars the ruler of Aries stands powerfully astride his own Sign. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces can suggest unpredictable and explosively powerful unrest. An ill-at-ease turbulence or trauma or a world-wide spread of stress are associated with the closing of the gap between Uranus (planet of change) and Pluto (mini-planet of evolution) which is happening through most of 2011 and tends to create sudden “out with the old” changes. Further, the Lunar North Node (where the Moon’s orbit  crosses the apparent Solar ecliptic) becomes conjunct with the Galactic Center around this time. The Nodes are generally considered malefic and this conjunction could herald a real game changer for humanity.

The powerful ‘head’ planets of Kabbalahistic Astrology are Uranus, Pluto and Neptune a.k.a. the three transpersonal planets. Neptune was first seen in 1846 but deduced mathematically after the discovery of Uranus in 1781. Before that Jupiter alone ruled Pisces.

2011 sees opinionated Jupiter and the illusory-deceptive Neptune in joint rulership of Pisces. Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus by astrologers (much as Uranus relates to Mercury). Neptune bears attributes very like those of psychic Pisces, which Sign it has entered into and will stay more or less for some decades to come. The deep-soul planetoid Chiron at 3 degrees Pisces even suggests personal unblocking in May and the possibility of enhancing connectivity with the higher Self. The kind Centaur Chiron’s unstable orbit part-synchronizes with Saturn’s travel and the path of Uranus. This comet-asteroid hybrid was discovered in 1977 and creates a link between the established concrete stoicism of Saturn and the unconventional or radical spontaneity of Uranus.

Looking at Quatrain IV 28 we see that much of this future information was deduced-envisioned-imagined by Michel de Nostredame:

“When Venus will be masked by the Sun’s light,
Beneath the splendour will be a hidden body/iconic form”

This is in great part an astrological time-marker. If this body is a planetary one then it is Neptune as pre-discovered by Nostredame whilst viewing it remotely in an ‘imagining’, a remote vision.

“Mercury will have them under fire without cover
A bellicose roar sounds the surprise offensive”

Either the planet Mercury will flare violently over an uncharacteristic distance or this suggests the symbolic aspects of Mercury the winged messenger. Or it’s the bellicose roar of sheer aggression.

There were loud explosions heard near the beginning of the raid, possibly when blowing external walls or the doors off the house.

US President Obama described the May 2011 assault as “an Intelligence-led operation”. It was communicated ‘live’ to the White House. The group photo of viewing Washington dignitaries centered on a uniformed topbrass active at his laptop computer, presumably steering matters. (This press release was later challenged as Photoshop’d, but so they all are today.) The inserted SEALS may have had ‘technical data receivers’ for real-time updates ‘on mission’. Visual communication refinements can allow commandoes to see around building corners during assaults.

Four of the five killed on storming the compound were unarmed. SEALS followed Osama Bin Laden into his room to kill him. No SEALS were injured.

Mister Sohaib Athar posted on Twitter: “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM is a rare event. A huge window-shaking bang here”

Official photos show blood on the concrete floor of a poorly equipped bedroom. The compound has high walls and gates, tight security and independent electricity meters said to be direct to the grid. Although the area was a community of ordinary folk, “playing children wanting strayed balls back were paid away”. The CIA announced they had for weeks been monitoring the house closely “through blackened windows”, suggesting that they had a safe house nearby. US satellite pictures show that the unguarded OBL house was erected in 2005. There had been a security arrest at that same private residence in previous years.

The garrison city is 120 kilometers from Islamabad and the close proximity of the compound to a Pakistani military academy suggests that locals would probably need to carry special I.D.’s.

One report said, “A Blackhawk made a hard landing without injuries. Neighbours approached the compound but Pushto-speaking SEAL Team Six combatants ordered them away or else they would be shot.”

The US Government gave conflicting renditions as to why OBL was not taken alive. Many observers had long-believed that he died soon after September 2001 and naturally these are finding the May 2011 event difficult to swallow. As are Pakistani neighbors who also remarked that they feared the odd sounds made by low-flying Hawks with advanced stabilizers and reduced rotor noise. It was announced that one search-and-rescue stealth craft was blown-up by SEALS for security reasons. The CIA bill for this Presidentially-ordered foreign-field extraction is said to be in the $tens of millions. Burial at Sea for purely cultural reasons seems eccentric. While Moslems do strive to bury a corpse as quickly as is proper, a careful autopsy is perfectly acceptable without any burial ‘deadline’.

The timing of this symbolic death places it in the midst of very significant geopolitical and other movements as much as it does a celestial white-out. It may yet be seen to have marked the commencement of a new global game or at least signalled the end of an old one.

The first-part of this assessment was written in South East Asia in the early hours of Saturday 2nd May 2011 when I first realized that the current Astrological climate would fit precisely to the QUATRAIN IV 28 that I had just then chanced upon. Almost immediately the news broke of Bin Laden’s demise.

A closing thought is that in Medeval Astrology a planet conjunct with the Sun and so invisible was routinely written down as mal-influential. Therefore the references to concealed Mercury and Mars having initiated assaults whilst invisible to us on Earth could be no more than Nostredame verbalizing routine astrological presumptions of negative behaviours. Even so, the astrological timing of the U.S. attack is uncanny.

History Footnote:
Late Information, November 2011.

Unbeknownst to me when I titled this piece as Neptune Veiled (2nd May 2011) the military-intelligence operation involved was actually codenamed “Neptune’s Spear”. It was initiated in January 2010 but was meant to take place at the end of April 2011, give or take a day.


Repeat Translation of IV 28:
When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Beneath the splendour will be a hidden body/iconic form,
Mercury will have them under fire without cover
A bellicose noise sounds the surprise offensive.

The first helicopter hovered above the flat-roofed top floor of the main building. 12 commandos kicked in the windows.  The first person encountered was one of the three wives of Bin Laden. She ran towards a fierce flashlight and fell blinded by it. (Line 1)

Sawn-off rifles were issued but only 12 bullets were fired. Kahled Bin Laden was shot upon mounting the stairs. (Line 3)

Osama Bin Laden’s bedroom door was kicked-in. He was behind his youngest wife who was holding up a blanket to hide him. (Line 2) Two US assailants each fired twice, hitting Bin Laden and his wife who was still working at blocking their view of him.

At a smaller house in the compound a sniper on board the second helicopter fired two shots and Bin Laden’s primary courier was killed along with his wife. The soldiers landed and then moved to the main building killing an armed guard.

On leaving the compound the first helicopter crashed tail-first into the compound. If this is the ‘bellicose roar’ then it conflicts with Line 4 which places that at the beginning of the assault. (As did the aforementioned gentleman who posted his account on Twitter contemporaneously.)

The first helicopter (hovering in special ‘whisper mode’) had displaced patio roof furniture with its blades and thrown it at windows, apparently awakening the household.

Decoy targets had been set up and the U.S. Navy had scrambled Pakistan’s radar system. Bin Laden was killed within the first minute and a half but would have been taken alive if things had gone that way, so it is said. Around 30 people were residing in the compound in Abbottabad at the time, including four bodyguards.

The above new information is available in bookform, ‘SEAL Target Geronimo’ composed by sometime assault-unit commander C. Pfarrer from selected interviews.


                                                Nigel Raymond Offord © 2011

Since this was written much more has come to light. Here are some popular revelations by people ‘closer to home’ which I am in no position to either uphold or disparage:

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