1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Par foudre en l’arche or & argent fondu:
Des deux captifs l’vn l’autre mangera:
De la cité le plus grand estendu,
Quand submergée la classe nagera.

Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted,
Of the two captives one will eat the other:
The city conurbation greatly spreads out from the centre,
When plunged below the sea this class shall swim.

Maybe these are not two couplets but four individual prophecies of life in the distant future, say from the late Nineteenth Century onward. We cannot say ‘prediction’ because they are totally removed from anything Michel Nostredame could have known anything about. They are truly visionary and have come true.

Arcing sparks are used for combustion and arc welding as much as for crafting precious metals and jewellery. Cities have spread out seamlessly as giant conurbations with a huge suburban sprawl. The submarine class of ship can ‘sail’ under the sea with all the navigation technology that this calls for. Of course, that plunging class of ship we call submarines can’t actually ‘sail’ but the English Language says that’s what they do. OF ‘nagera’ seems a little more logical but still off beam. Which brings us back to its rhyming partner in Line 2.

It seems to me that “Of the two captives one will eat the other” could be as much a stand-alone vision as the other three items; perhaps a modern zoo where animals that hunt for fresh meat in Nature are living relatively peacefully in enclosures close to their natural prey. It also describes industrialized farm animal feeds. Or an aquarium where big fish are fed with little fish. Or a device where blips and blobs are captured and removed such as by a windscreen wiper or its obverse the radar scanner. Otherwise, this line sounds pretty much like solder flux setting around the electrical tie that’s being fixed.

Taking Lines 1 and 2 as a couplet, this could be about electrical connections of quite a high order yet which are often used. Silver is more conductive than copper. Gold is a frequent PCB edge conductor. Silver and brass are used as terminal pin colours. Lines 3 and 4 could be something common today – twin coastal conurbations one of which is an ocean terminal. Seaports which are naval establishments will often possess docking and launch facilities for submarines.

The widespread supply of AC electricity that has fully enabled all such development is thanks to Nikolas Tesla, “The Man Who Invented The Twentieth Century” and this Nostradamus Quatrain III13 could not have been written without him!


Ps. I believe it was Nikola Tesla who said that imagination is more real than perceived life itself.