1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Aux champs de Mede, d’Arabe et d’Armenie,
Deux grands copies trois foys s’assembleront:
Pres du riuage d’Araxes la mesnie,
Du grand Solman en terre tomberont.

At the gathering grounds of Media, Arabia and Armenia,
Two great armies shall assemble three times:
The troupe in proximity to the shore of the Araxes
The great Suleiman’s land to suffer a mighty fall/The great fall of Turkey.

Line 1. The vast Median Empire, peopled largely by Iranians, folded five hundred years before the birth of Jesus. It extended beyond Armenia and Iran (Persia) and constantly spooked the desert lands of Arabia. Having first tried being friendly with everyone, Armenia today does not maintain diplomatic ties with several important neighbouring nations including Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Line 3, the 1000km Araxes River runs through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. It starts in the Caucusus mountains. OF ‘mesnie/maisnie’ = those dwelling en suite under one roof/a family set including the household servants/the troupe or entourage surrounding a great one.

Line 4. Hugely important and effective ruler Suleiman I the Lawgiver (d.1566) steered an expanding Islamic nation centred upon Constantinople (Istanbul) to the apex of its world importance. The tenth Ottoman Sultan led his armies as far North as Vienna, stressing-out most all of Europe’s Christians, and annexed much of the Middle East and Algeria. He was cultured, educated and a multi-linguist. (Why are such good repetitive learners often bloodthirsty once garnering power? What are they missing?) He married and then elevated to his Courts a harem concubine who they say controlled him.

At this moment in time and as I write this, the Turkish President is acting independently of exchanges with other Turkish representatives and in a warlike manner against the peaceful wishes of his people. Who is controlling him?

Turkey is pivotal to NATO and the all-influential and all-powerful United States and these proxy attacks inside Syria are being positively supported by at least three major Gulf states. Is this yet another manifestation of Alexander the Great’s great dream of a world empire that somehow will fuse East with West?

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