1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Temples sacrés prime façon Romaine
Reieteront les goffes fondements,
Prenant leurs loys premieres & humaines,
Chassant, non tout, des saints les cultements.

The sacred houses set in the earliest/best Roman fashion
Rejecting the basis for Cardinals,
Avid for the original and humane laws,
Not entirely pulling away from the culture of saint-worship.

Line 1. Prime can be quantitative, first or earliest, or qualitative, the finest or best, or in marketing terms a combination of the two, ‘high premium’. OF ‘prime’ also had a liturgical meaning; the first canonical recitation of the day, around 6 a.m. OF ‘romaine’ is either Roman or the name of a balance that seeks the equilibration of both its arms by way of a sliding weight.

Line 2, ‘Reieteront’ is OF ‘rejeter’, to reject. OF ‘goffes’ = Provençal ‘gond’ = hinge (the original Italian meaning of ‘cardinal’ was a hinge).

Line 2, ‘prenant’, today meaning plain ‘taking’, in OF conveyed a feeling of hunger, even greed.

Line 4, OF ‘chassant’ is hunting or continuing to push ahead or otherwise pulling away from. OF ‘cultements’ is a culture of worship.

Was this a visionary prophecy or the correct interpretation and extrapolation of a movement that had been building-up spamodically for the previous hundred years? Either way, nobody could say that this prediction did not come true. It not only highlights some of the aims of Lutheranism but also provides a nice description of the Protestant churches after the Reformation even up to the present day. Surprisingly, the practicing Catholic Michel Nostredame says nothing unfavorable whatsoever. A closet Lutheran?