1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Le dard du ciel fera son extendue
Mors en parlant: grande execution.
La pierre en l’arbre, la fiere gent rendue,
Brut, humain monstre, purge expiation.

The spear of the sky will make its excursion
Reports of death: dramatic execution.
Solid earth at the treetop, the proud nation restored,
Brutal, human monster, purge and expiation.

Line 1. OF ‘dard’ was not only a dart but also an ‘arme de jet’, a spear.

Lines 2’s ‘mors en parlant’ seems very poetic as does Line 3’s ‘the stone in the tree’ – auditory misprints for ‘mots sont parlant’ and ‘la terre dans les arbres’?

Line 3, OF ‘pierre’ can be a stone, magnet, ice, hail, fruit-stone, gemstone, fragmented rock, pebble, gravel etc. whilst OF ‘fiere’ from ‘ferus’ means savage, cruel, farouche yet contrariwise (what a word!) it means great, dignified, extrordinary. Alternatively, this is OF ‘fier’ meaning not only a fierce attitude that is hard to bear – formidable, aggressive, ruthless, haughty – but also noble, worthy, intrepid or with dignity. So, ‘la fiere gent rendue’ could mean civilization replaced by savagery OR a proud/intrepid/savage people restored to its proper position. (Or all variations at the same time?) OF ‘gent’ is a family, lineage, household, kin, clan, stock or a people. OF ‘rendue’ is restitution, restoration or the return of ill-gotten gains but it is also close to ‘rendre’ which can mean ‘to translate’.

Line 4. ‘bruit’ or ‘brut’? ‘bruit’ is noise and ‘brut’ is bestial or brutish. However, by the omission of one comma OF ‘brut humain monstre’ becomes ‘monstrous human stupidity’. OF ‘purge’ is ‘action de se laver d’une accusation’ (Fifteenth Century, Bouteiller) and this reminds us that the Hebrew for ‘satan’ means ‘the accuser-prosecutor’. OF ‘expiation’ is possibly short for ‘immolé en expiation’, burnt offering, a sacrificial rite or else ‘death as the expiation for sins’. Purge surely implies ‘en masse’ and expiation certainly means death.

Yet the physical elimination or combat killing or murder of Osama Bin Laden seems to have been a single strong act of US purification.

Let’s look at this again for one last time:

The first line might refer to a comet or shooting star, using it as a time marker for stones falling into the trees and so from out of the sky. On the other hand “The hard ground rises above the tree” would fit to the post-tsunami construction of an inland sea wall at Fukushima nuclear plant, 2011, where nets of stones were used.

(Also see the September 2013 post When the first nuclear power station was conceived there was a very peaceable non-radioactive nuclear option available that didn’t use uranium  on our sister site http://nostradamondo.wordpress.com/ )

In this ‘spear of the sky’ context, though, it could be a way to describe a vision of the hitherto unknowable in the Sixteenth Century; a military helicopter. A grand illusion could have been created by a whispering stealth helicopter rising virtually perpendicular and hovering parallel to the land beneath, as if ground-level had moved invisibly up to tree level. How to describe that?

(Interestingly the U.S. has a para-military title, ‘Ground Branch’.)

Although this quatrain could fit to any bold and brutal assault, to my mind it fits particularly well to 2nd May 2011 and the execution and removal of Osama Bin Laden’s body from Abbotabad, codenamed ‘Operation Neptune’s Spear’.

(also see the Nostradamus Quatrain IV 28 and IV 33  NEPTUNE VEILED, ABBOTTABAD, 2nd May 2011 which briefly mentions the notion that OBL died in hospital in Pakistan in December 2001 that has led to speculation as to whose body was snatched during the raid. )

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