As these Quatrains have been widely cited as a pair and that idea has made quite a stir in psycho-susceptible circles, I have tried to link them to my satisfaction and here is the result:

II 41

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

La grand’ estoille par sept iours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

The great beard OR star will shine OR will be obscured by the Sun for seven days,
Colouration OR cloud will make two suns appear:
The imposing hound will howl all night
When the priestly aristocrat changes lands
OR When the great Pontiff changes country.

Line 1, OF ‘estoille’ means bearded whereas ‘etoile’ would mean a star. OF ‘bruslera’ is from ‘brûler’, to consume with fire or combust. Astrologically, a planet conjunct with the Sun and so invisible was routinely considered a mal-influence, but a beard would suggest that this is a comet (they were all of ill-omen) and not a planet. Or this is the bearded godking Neptune, although the planet of that name is indistinct and was still undiscovered in the Sixteenth Century.

(But see the Nostradamus Quatrains

Line 2, OF ‘Nuee’ is from OF ‘nuance’, a degree of colour, a hue, a tincture. Two suns appear; one at a time or both at once? The former might mean the total absence of night, the latter would be, by day, an optical illusion or, by night, two colourful beams of an aerial craft or pair of craft. A more modern language interpretation could have ‘nuee’ to be a form of ‘nuages’, cloud.

Line 3, ‘hurlera’ is from ‘hurler’ to emit a howl or ‘unsustainable singing’. Mastinus = mastin = mastiff, whether a stray or domesticated or working dog and, in fact, here implies almost any disquieted big dog during the night.

Line 4, OF ‘grand pontife’ does not necessarily mean the Pope or Antipope. A High Priest or some priestly aristocrat will fill the bill.

It seems a great star will burn in the sky for seven days. The comet’s swarm or  entailment causes two Suns to appear, possibly by gravitational light bending, and as the large dog howls through the night the great Pontiff ups and runs away.

Sirius ‘B’ of Canis was unknown to the scientists of astrology (astronomy) when this was written (although it has always been known to the otherwise primitive Dogons of Mali, or at least that’s what we’re told) whilst the larger Sirius ‘A’ is the bright-shining Dog Star, here called the howling mastiff.

Ponfiff is an ancient title effectively carried forward to the Church by the Mithra Pontiff and Roman Emperor Constantine from a worship that incorporated Dagon, the Little Fish, hence the fish-head hat worn by Rome’s Popes. The Dogons say they were instructed in astronomy by mer-men from Sirius. There is a link of sorts between a supposedly deliberate flooding of ancient Egypt, the later emergence of mermen (Greek, Tritons) and the Deluge, the Beast of the Sea,  the Baylonian Mysteries moved over from Nimrod to Janus with Noah fishily tailing Dagon, the Dogons, Sirius/Isis-Osiris and Horus and the Virgin Mary with Child. The Pope ‘bears’ the mitre that gives us the clue.  (Interestingly, ‘to carry for others’ has a deep meaning in the paganisms and Christianity.)

It has even been suggested that the mastiff is Sirius/Isis or else the Woman With Child of Revelations, being the howling of the ‘collective consciousness’ interrupting the nights at End Time. OK so that’s pretty convoluted. But then so is Nostradamus sometimes.

II 48

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

La grand copie que passera les monts,
Saturne en l’Arq tournant du poisson Mars
Venins caches sous testes de saulmons:
Leurs chief pendu à fil de polemars.

The great army/force that will pass the mountains,
Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars turning from Pisces
Venom hidden under the head OR The testimony of a salmon/pig/donkey:
OR Venoms tested in caches of salmon:
Their chief hung upon cordwire between the steadfast poles.

Line 4, ‘fil’ or ‘file’ is unknotted thread or string whilst ‘polemars’ looks a lot like polymers, chains or threads forming artificial fibres! Poles – geographic, astronomic, mathematic, magnetic or ethical – are diametrically opposed points along a suggested line. “He would say that penalty and reward exist between the two points (the axis) along which rotates the human race.” (‘Les Apophtegmes des anciens’ by Ablancourt, Paris 1664 edition.) Mars is March as in “reliable as the Lent Fast in March”. Or could it mean ‘polarimètres’, the optical measure of polarization (placing attributes upon wave-changing media by interpretations of results) which is another thing that Nostredame should have known nowt about. 

Line 3. Whereas ‘tête’ is head, OF ‘testes’ means instruction by testimony, such as chivalric instruction, or the Last Will and Testament read out upon a death. (However, in Nostradamus Quatrain I 51 we find another word for head, ‘chef’, used to indicate an active section of the Zodiac,  “Chef d’Aries, Iuppiter & Saturne, Dieu eternel quelles mutations!”)

OF ‘saumon’ usually means the fish variety ‘salmon’ but also a pig or even a donkey. It could also mean molten lead or tin as it leaves the furnace. At a pinch, it’s even a mistake for ‘sommer’ to summon or else ‘chômer’ to heat. Also ‘saumon’ is the distinctive blend of red and orange found in some modern rose blooms that we like to call salmon-pink.

It seems that some researcher’s imaginations have been fired by poetic suggestions peculiar to the English language translations. Line 3 with heads of salmon-pink clouds then seeming to equate to interference with the weather. In fact the various H.A.A.R.P. type installations around the world are off-the-hook since the MIT published findings that suggest that atmospheric heating-up and concomitant sky changes prior to earthquakes are undoubtedly real and notably ‘different’ but could be quite natural in origin.

The only way I can link these individual quatrains into a pair of verses ahead of their described events is to assume that they are one and the same event opening with a ‘great force’ exerting itself to cross over the mountains at the same time as the ‘great bearded one’ will be obscured by the Sun for seven days. This might just figure as Abbotabad. At 34°10’9.43″ N, 73°14’33.28″ E, it is just below the nearby highlands and a complex of mountain ranges (‘Pakistan-controlled Kashmir’ and South-East to it) and the mountain plateaux and their corridors and passes skirting East Pakistan and that could be the raiding route of incoming helicopters from American military bases – in a neighbouring country, if necessary – and evokes the highly-reported raid on the compound of Osama Bin Laden.

But such Blackhawk raids do take place somewhere in the world at the rate of up to 75 times a day, according to USSOCOM and their Joint Special Operations University. And was that OBL’s double that died, cut off from the nearby secret service safehouse?

(See the Nostradamus Quatrains

Clearly the opening statements and the supporting information contained in the subsequent three lines of each of the Nostradamus Quatrains II-41 & II-48 is about a different matter.