II 21

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

L’embassadeur enuoyé  par biremes
A mi chemin d’incongneuz repoulses:
De sel renfort viendront quatre triremes,
Cordes & chaines en Negrepont troussés.

Line 2, OF ‘incongneuz/inconnu’ = unknown, unknowing, having become unrecognizable or proceeding incognito.

Line 4, OF ‘en’ means relative to, with regard to, regarding.

The ambassador sets forth in a ship with two rows of oarsmen
Halfway there it is repelled by unknown assailants:
Four troop ships having three rows of oarsmen will come,
Regarding Negrepont, trussed up with ropes and chains.

This quatrain reads like a coded/encrypted diplomatic dispatch in verse. The numbers used are sequenced 2 and ½ and 4 and 3. The Romans used ‘sel’ for salary, salt payments, to their troops who would then sell the salt on. Negrepont is now known as Euboea. Or else Negrepont could be the name of the smaller of the vessels mentioned in the quatrain. There is also the prominent US Ambassador Negreponte to consider. Distractingly, ropes and chains are not only used for practical purposes such as to imprison or secure but also superficially to adorn official formal dress.

Did Nostredame once intend to reveal the highly-honoured John Negreponte in the Twenty First Century? Probably not. But the opening word of the quatrain is ‘L’embassadeur’ (the OF meaning is either ambassador or embassy) and the penultimate word is the name ‘Negrepont’ which in combination does seem a little uncanny yet there probably are other ambassadors called Negrepont someplace, sometime, such is chance and coincidence.

The name appears again in Nostradamus Quatrain II 3 (the second of many quatrains that I investigated in my Article2012 NOSTRADAMUS’)


1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Pour la chaleur solaire sus la mer
De Negrepont les poissons demis cuits:
Les habitans les viendront entamer
Quand Rod.& Gennes leur faudra le biscuit

My translation:
Because of the heat of the Sun on the sea
At Negreponte the fishes lightly broiled:
The inhabitants will come to sample them
When Rhodes and Genoa exhaust their hardtack

The isle of Euboea is connected to the mainland by a bridge hence the name of the connecting district is Negreponte. It is famous for the constant to-ing and fro-ing of contradictory strong tides. If fish broil here they may well boil elsewhere ... Life will be unbearably hard in the Eastern Mediterranean area it seems. A lack of food on land in Italy is forecast together with the surrounding seas growing too hot for survival.

Natural climate change materializing as ‘bombogenesis’ or a weather-influencing state-of-the-weird technoworld?

There may be times ahead when fearful nightmares might seem like good dreams compared to daily realities, thanks to the indoctrinating egomaniacs at the top who work the world around to their peculiar benefit, unheedful of the ultimate spirit that oversees the difference between created perceptions and Truth.

If WW III is underway already, here lies part one:

You may have heard of the gruesome El Salvador Death squads. Recruiting specialist assassins and general-purpose death squads is a well established US military-intelligence technique according to Professor Michel Chossudovsky, a specialist on the subject whose writings are readily available and to whom much of this section is heavily indebted.

 Despite the US having lost grassroots credibility in South America because of these murders, in January 2005 the Pentagon confirmed the following as being under consideration:

“forming hit squads of Kurdish and Shia fighters to target leaders of the Iraqi insurgency in a strategic shift borrowed from the American struggle against left-wing guerrillas in Central America 20 years ago”.

The ‘Salvador Option’ was a terrorism model similar to the mass killings that took out tens of thousands of Salvadoreans. General David Petraeus commanded the Multi-National Security Transition Command counter-insurgency program in Baghdad, coordinating with both big John and little Robert at the US embassy (bureaucratic production of death lists having become a most evil pursuit against Liberty in these days).

“Ambassador John Negroponte and Robert Stephen Ford were put in charge of recruiting the Iraqi death squads … they were partners in setting up the Savador Option” claims Chossudovsky.

Partners? Did neither man feel any need to break tempo and turn to a higher authority leaving their team-mate collared-up and harness-proud while they humbly sought God’s guidance? If not, why not?

 Do they imagine they are ancient warrior heroes? Their compatriate Henry Kissinger (who promoted the Realpolitik beloved by Negreponte and, like Ford, holds a prestigious Peace Prize) was recently caught offguard by a webmaster gatecrashing an award ceremony who asked him about his terrible war crimes against humanity. His recorded response was “You coward!” Does this worse than useless over-eater suppose himself a hero because he spawns millions of human deaths and untold misery? Or does he shoehorn his large self into that appraisal by labelling as craven his opposite number who would engage the perceived enemy hand-to-hand and face-to-face, if only as a stunt? (Kissinger was a soldier, it’s true – his final Nazi position was in one of the SS equestrian units that terrorized small civilian villages by riding through them at dawn at the gallop before containing them with cavalry formations then destroying them.)

 John Negreponte was Ambassador to Honduras at the time of the Nicaraguan Contras. One of his colleagues there had then supervised training of the largest Shi’ite militias in Iraq in a successful attempt to inspire, create and facilitate sectarian violence. This same model has now been built-up elsewhere.

I watched a video of a death squad in Syria. I wished it were fake. It was from a mobile ‘phone positioned a little lower than the roof of the opposite house in a quiet residential street. The houses had the flat roofed ‘upper courtyard’ found in all hot climates. Scruffy individuals walked idly around the opposite houseroofs or lingered at the balcony-style balustrades smoking and chatting. Then two would pick up what looked like a thick rolled carpet tied with rope. It was wriggling. They casually took it to the edge and tipped it over. I saw it fall several storeys to the street below as if by slow motion. They hadn’t looked over the parapet at all let alone given out any warning. After a little more chatting time the process was repeated in a relaxed manner with another large wriggling carpet. On one roof I saw four in all and the killers remained up thee for a bit more smoking and chatting before evacuating the crime scene as if it were all in a day’s work, like men who have come to do a bit of rubbish clearance before moving on to another housecall listed for the same day.

Robert Stephen Ford became the Ambassador to Syria  only two months before the onset of the insurgency and is a very active US representative who speaks Arabic and Turkish fluently and succeeds especially well at enthusing rebellions against his host country whilst forging military contacts such as with Shi’ite and Kurdish modulating extremists. (Full-fledged extremists might straightways kill him.) David Petraeus (a Dutch Jewish name) played a formative part in organizing secret support for opposition forces and infiltrating the national security in Syria.

The failed objective in Syria was meant to create factional divisions between Alawites (incidentally, one of the most important population groups in neighbouring Turkey) Christians, Druze, Kurds, the Shi’ite Moslems and the Sunnis. The same killing and human atrocity procedures were followed as in Iraq. But Syria is a workplace-integrated and officially secular country. It’s a community of communities, much as the USA is, so …

To be quite fair, Washington DC has never spoken publicly of such unspeakable intentions in Syria and the UN Human Rights Council has spoken of or for NATO when it urges ‘humanitarian intervention’ under R2P (decadent jargon for the faux nobility of ‘Right To Protect’) up until the new decision to enter the gold-rich Congo under UN arms. (Is the Western World’s monetary collapse feared due?)

National Security Memo 200, April 24th 1974, Dr. Henry Kissinger, reads:

“depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World … the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries”

(Author’s note: depopulation is easy to become murderous, in fact we may deduce that as being the secret wish of psychopathic, sadistic and narcissistic ‘leaders’. All of them. It is not true that the world cannot sustain its population – there are lots of ways to do this. Unfortunately those who possess broad swathes of the planet and would herd us into overcrowded corridors and dank corners do not want to change how wealth distribution works and do not want to cut out  pollutions but increase them to their advantage. It’s much easier to kill-off those they are afraid of – which is many peoples idea of Utopia.)

In 1981 Thomas Ferguson, a Case Officer for the US State Department Office of Population Affairs, got down to the devil lurking in the details: To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile age females…. He added that fatal diseases and famine were also good for this level of culling. Medievalism is gradually returning and in future will be on a high-tech scale if the good do nothing to avoid it.

Henry Kissinger speaking at the Bilderberg conference in Evian, France, on May 21st 1992 stated: “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful … The one thing every man fears is the unknown … individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.”

Note that he approaches his theory delusionally by speaking of both USA Citizens and Everyman in the third party, in fact voiced as if he were not one of them, whilst implying that his co-conspirators will be part of the world government that enslaves the unhappy remainder. A roomful of deluded conspiracy theorists? Here’s an arrogant potshot at the troops themselves made by Henry Kissinger in front of the White House Chief of Staff in 1973;

“In Haig’s presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy. Kissinger often took up a post outside the doorway to Haig’s office and dressed him down in front of the secretaries for alleged acts of incompetence with which Haig was not even remotely involved. Once when the Air Force was authorized to resume bombing of North Vietnam, the planes did not fly on certain days because of bad weather. Kissinger assailed Haig. He complained bitterly that the generals had been screaming for the limits to be taken off but that now their pilots were afraid to go up in a little fog.”

(1994, ‘The Final Days’ by Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein)

He sounds much like a private despiser of soldiery, a blood-lusting non-combatant and a backseat bully although it seems he had served vigorously and perhaps boldly in his younger days and not just at German football.

America has made Heinz Alfred Kissinger (riss gerad flink ziehen) its most relevant advisor yet ultimately the US has been humiliated or diminished by every war that Kissinger has urged or has played a part in. Perhaps they should keep top academics away from true action altogether. According to the highly-respected independent journalist John Pilger he illegitimately ordered the massed bombing of defenceless Cambodia, with whom the USA had no quarrel at all, and so opened the door for the horrific atrocities of Pol Pot. He was appointed head of the 9/11 Commission by Bush but was immediately removed under protests that his work history featured a clear government cover-up (about the overthrow of Allende in Chile) together with some less clear ones and also that he had private business dealings with the Bin Laden family. OK, that’s more than enough of ‘der Freund des Präsidenten’ with a Bavarian accent.

 “As the United States’ Ambassador to Syria – a position that the Secretary of State and President are keeping me in – I will work with colleagues in Washington to support a peaceful transition for the Syrian people. We and our international partners hope to see a transition that reaches out and includes all of Syria’s communities and that gives all Syrians hope for a better future. My year in Syria tells me such a transition is possible, but not when one side constantly initiates attacks against people taking shelter in their homes”.

 So says Robert Stephen Ford. (The name lends itself to casually jotted anagrams: bothered per fronts, border theft person, brethren for despot, den of pert brothers, pretender sob forth, and so on.) He is married to diplomat Alison Barkley. (yank broil sea)

“(It’s) very hard, very hard to represent a country or carry out a policy that does not have consensus support.” John Negreponte

It is quite clear that Ambassador Negreponte is, if not unquestioning, an eager to impress lieutenant dropped into the mire by more than one President and yet he knows right from wrong so he should have thought twice or more than twice. In 1982 he wrote a letter to The Economist stating that it was “simply untrue to state that death squads have made their appearance in Honduras” which at the time was known by many to be a blind. (The Economist may also have a lot to answer for here.) His reputation has been one of determinedly defending US interests overseas while making sure human rights (that means you!) do not get in the way of that determination.  However, as the highest ranking US civilian in Iraq he saw that their first election was peaceful.

A Harvard Law drop-out and multi-linguist, John Dimitri Negreponte (tempering north I joined, doth pen joining trireme) was born in England the son of a Greek Jewish shipping magnate. He is from a talented family and married to Diana Mary Villiers (verily a dismal rain, disarm vile lay Iran) who is a doctor of government and a law professor from a British family with a famed antique name. My first private office was in busy Villiers Street in Central London. I seem to remember that the street’s pretty ancient winebar was warranted personally by King Charles II whose mistress was Barbara Villiers, Diana’s distinguished ancestress. The IRA were active in London at the time and somebody carelessly left a bomb beside my porch which I discovered when I climbed the stairs from my rented hotel basement office and opened the door upon a still and silent street. A startled demolition squadder shouted “Bomb! Get back in! We’ll let you know when it’s safe!”

An hour later and feeling cut-off in my windowless retreat underground I opened the old wooden door to see and hear a street full of pedestrians and London taxis rushing up and down again. Order restored itself of necessity and the brave soldiery had silently slipped away.

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