Nouveaux venus lieu basti sans defence,

Occuper la place par lors inhabitable:

Prez, maisons, champs, villes prendre à plaisance,

Faim, peste, guerre arpen long labourable.

 Newcomers in a place which has been created/realized/fixed and that lacks defences,
Occupy a place where they cannot take their ease:
Meadows, houses, fields, towns they take as they please.
Hunger, disease, war (come to) a large measure of cultivable land.

Line 1, OF ‘basti’ as a noun would mean ‘wall’ but as a verb it meant a place that had been built or created or realized or fixed.

Line 2, OF ‘par’ is merely ‘then’ or else, without an accompanying verb of movement, it would suggest something now complete

OF ‘lors’ is from the quaint ‘lorsdelorsilors’ or ‘from that moment on’

if OF ‘par lors’ were a mistaken ‘Parloir’ (Parloir aux Bourgeois) during the pressures of hot-print dictation then we would have institutional buildings like town halls or what is being said at the public assemblies 

OF ‘inhabitable’ is a negative, not quite uninhabitable but rather ‘where one cannot dwell or stay at rest’

Line 3, OF ‘prez/pré’ means grasslands that are somehow delimited or enclosed

Line 4, OF ‘arpen/arpent/arepennis’ is a rather variable unit of agrarian surface measure for land exceeding 1-acre or the length of side of a 1-acre square or else the extent of an executable act as drawn up by a notary.

OF ‘long’ is quite changeable in context and can be either an adjective/adverb or a substantive:

a length of time or space (or by metonym ‘what takes time’)

the extent of the dilution of a broth,

the largeness of a person,

whoever is late,

whoever tends to the chronic and even

something that exceeds the average length.

In geometry: a length in a right-angled shape.

OF ‘labourable’ is land which can be plowed and cultivated.

At its happiest this Nostradamus Quatrain II 16 could refer to the greening of Israel by the Kibbutz program with Line 4’s “Hunger, disease, war” referring to the hardships of many immigrants in advance of their arrival.

At its least edifying it may echo the consecutive sections ‘MAKING PLANS FOR ZION’ and ‘FAMOUS MASSACRES OF ARAB VILLAGES’ to be found in the Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (2) CHOSEN.

Either way the apparent contradiction between these ‘newcomers’ not being fully able to take their ease yet being able to take land as they please is continuing to this day. At this time the government of Ireland are considering recognising the remaindered Palestine as a state which would rock the boat for Israel and – mainly because of the United States – maybe the whole World. What claims and countermoves might emerge and what form could such conflicts take?

                                 NIGELRAYMONDOFFORD (C) 2017