1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Un peu deuant monarque trucidé,
Castor Pollux en nef, astre crinite.
L’erain publiq par terre et mer vuidé,
Pise, Ast, Ferrare, Turin, terre interdicte.

Shortly before the monarch is assassinated,
Castor Pollux in the ship, a bearded star.
The public treasures evacuated by land and sea,
The land of Pisa, Ast, Ferrara, Turin, a sanction.

Line 1, OF ‘trucidé’ is assassination, selected by Nostredame even though ‘régicide’ could have yielded an easier partner in rhyme. 

Line 2, ‘Castor Pollux’ signifies Gemini the Twins but may refer to any pair of people or things commonly seen together. The ship/nef could be the Vatican ship of state or or a seagoing vessel or else ‘Castor Pollux en nef’ signifies two who hold together in a nave/nef, a place of congregation for worship. The word ‘nef’ crops up figuratively in French literature, ‘La Nef Des Folles’, a translation from Latin by Bade, was apparently published in France in 1500 and ‘La Nef Des Dames Vertueuses’ by Dr. Symphorien Champier sold in 1503. OF ‘astre crinite’ is a bearded star, a comet. (Today we also see man-made objects imitating comets on their re-entries from Space orbit although real comets are more common, at the least one new entry a week.

Line 3, OF ‘aerain/airain’ is the metal of the Bronze Age made from melding brass and copper. Some important ancient and antique texts were engraved in bronze which may have earned for it its metier as the material for distinguished representations. (The modern industrial alloy represents hard durability but does not rate as precious.) It features in the very first Nostradamus Quatrain (I 1 A SLOPING FLAME) as well as the EPISTLE TO THE KING.  In both the word is used as a noun for Nostredame’s wrought alloy saddle or tripod. OF ‘vuidé/vider’ is to exit or empty out a place.

Line 4, OF ‘interdicte’ means under ecclesiastical or legal sanction or else officially debarred.

The order of events is not clear. Perhaps there could be a financial disaster (say, a revelation that a relatively inexpensive hard mineral like sheathed tungsten carbide or titanium or bronze has been substituted for the gold held as Italy’s banking reserves) acting as a time-marker, almost an omen. Or else the ominous comet and subsequent assassination will herald an emptying out of works of value and age/public treasures. Italy is to be sanctioned by a world power (or else ‘Pisa, Ast, Ferrara, Turin’ will slap prohibitions on the Church, the line is not clear). 

An unfulfilled prophecy, confidently yet confusingly presented, about a murdered king or possibly this one of the several quatrains which revolve around the death of a Pope. (Benedict XVI was retitled ‘the Pope Emeritus’ on his resignation, at least by the MainStreamMedia.)
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