I 91 and VI 11 and V 65 : 191 IS THE REAL 911

I 91 and VI 11 and V 65 :  191 IS THE REAL 911

A bonus offering: before I tackle these three quatrains from the Centuries, here’s my alternative take on Presage 40 from 1559, more usually interpreted as the sorry fate of the Valois dynasty:

Presage 40, Iuin 1559

De maison sept par mort mortelle suite;
Gresle, tempeste, pestilent mal, fureurs:
Roi d’Orient, d’Occident tous en fuite,
Subjuguera ses jadis conquereurs.

Through the downfall of Building 7 the killed will sue for justice;
Falling down like grains of hail, firestorm, pernicious ill, violent extreme,
Every King of the Orient and the Occident continuously pursuing traces of the quarry,
Will force submission from ‘yesterday’s winners’.

Line 1, OF ‘maison’ means a house or a building or a general area of buildings. OF ‘mortelle’ means they who died.

In Modern Fr. ‘suite’ has many meanings ranging from appartment or some happenings in series through to retinue, suit, an end or its after-effect. OF ‘suite’, though, meant a further action, a unanimous idea, a resultant ensemble or could be derived from ‘poursuite en justice’ meaning in pursuance of or suing for justice (as in “senz siwte e senz cri”, Lois Guillaume le Conquérant, 1150).

OF ‘gresle’ as a noun is precipitated ice water in grain form, hail, albeit that ‘gresler’ (an alternative to ‘tomber’) simply means to fall down. OF ‘tempeste’ can mean a fierce conflagration (be aware, fire both runs and leaps or can form a ball). OF ‘pestilent mal’ is not ‘de la peste’. The addition of ‘mal’ is likely to indicate a moral judgement. OF ‘fureurs’ are senseless follies or acts of extreme violence.

Line 3, OF ‘en fuite’ (apart from looking much like ‘en suite’) seems like it should mean ‘in flight’ but by metonym means the hunter ‘continuously pursuing traces of the quarry’. Placed at the beginning of the line the adjective ‘tous’ would be ‘every’.

Line 4, OF ‘subjuguera’ is from ‘subjugeur’, to bring to submission by force. OF ‘jadis’ is quite poetic, indicating ‘yesterday’s’, yet by chance it distinctly resembles ‘jihadist’. OF ‘conquereurs’ stands for they who bested others by force.

This all looks like World Trade Center 7, the third building to fall onto its foundations on ‘9/11’ in 2001 or else ‘maison Sept’ could mean the entire area of buildings known as ‘the World Trade Center’ of which the Twin Towers were the most famous. Suspecting the worst, relatives of the dead with help from support groups have sued for justice in their names. The phrase ‘jadis conquereurs’ readily suggests a short-lived victory or brutal dominance without any duration. To knock down the World Champion is to surround oneself immediately with challengers. Here most all the world’s leaders with their armed forces/secret services unite or else compete tirelessly to subjugate the upstarts.

In fact a great body of measured protest in the US has produced no effect on the widely-doubted official 9/11 story but other countries with deceased from the disaster at the multi-national World Trade Center have felt obliged to investigate their deaths in depth and criminal charges now exist in one or two places in the world (enough to make international travel tricky for both the presidential parties R.Cheney and G.Bush, apparently).

(For a different example of a Nostredame presage see SAMPLE PRESAGE 96 at the tail of the menu column ‘Nostradamus Quatrains’ and I 28 & Presage 65bis  A RELIGIOUS WAR)


1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Des sept rameaux à trois seront reduictz,
Les plus aisnés seront surprins  par mort:
Fratricider les deux seront seduictz,
Les coniurés en dormant seront mort.

Of the seven branches/divisions/ramifications, three are levelled,
The most elevated/the senior ones will be in prime position for death:
A pair are incited/induced to fratricide,
The magicians will die in their sleep

Line 1,OF ‘rameaulx’ is ‘rame/ramel/rameaux/ramures’, branches, divisions, ramifications from Medeval ‘pop’ Latin, ‘ramellus/ramus’. OF ‘reduictz’ is from ‘reduire’ to bring to conformity or put in place, levelled. Possibly this could equate to the expressive modern term ‘horizontalized’ meaning levelled/murdered. (And OF ‘seduictz’ could also mean a levelling down, in a sense.)

Line 2, OF ‘les plus aisnés’ is difficult to translate – possibly ‘the senior ones’ or ‘the most elevated ones’. OF ‘surprins’ is based on ‘sur’ or ‘on’ and is spatial yet often inferring immediacy.  Only rarely is OF ‘prins’ translated as prince by Nostradamus researchers and the commonest translation found here is ‘surprise’. To me it suggests something more like ‘poll position’, it’s contribution being more like a short-form of ‘princeps’, the premier post or principality.

Line 3, OF ‘fratricider’ is the verb for fratricide, the murder of a sibling. OF ‘seduictz’ is from the verb ‘séduire’. In the history of the French language this verb has passed through many meanings. Lately it has progressed from ‘persuade into sexuality’ over to the broader ‘to charm someone’. In the Late Middle Ages its literal meanings snaked between ‘incite to error’ (1470) and ‘steal from a young miss sexually’ (1538).

Line 4, OF ‘les conjurés’ is from classical Latin ‘conjurare’, here being the confreres in a conjuration, the conspiring magicians. (Practical Rites such as how to invoke the malevolent or to ‘disappear’ someone from society.)

Three in a set of seven (buildings) are levelled-cum-destroyed. The senior/most elevated ones (in the airplanes, otherwise at the highest floors) are the prime targets for the fatality. Two (piloting persons) are edged into doing this. Those who together have spirited this into an event (of global proportions) will die whilst unconscious/asleep. The first cause is ‘magic’ – here this is ‘real magic’ defeating the paradigm of cause-and-effect such that no scientist, engineer or technocrat could ever accurately explain it away – and the second cause is a human duo incited to the murder of their brothers and sisters. Whoever would so diabolically misdirect these two could have brought about the destruction of the WTCTwinTowers and WTC Building 7 and more besides. These trick-turners will be anaethatized at their life’s end/their quiet execution or they will live in a prison until they die or else they will somehow escape scott-free and simply pass away naturally in their sleep.

Line 2 is rather theoretical as if viewed from afar. Death and survival are subjects packed with anomalies. Ask a first-responder. There are few hard facts here and none proven –– but ironically there is enough circumstantial evidence to support the suggestion that Nostradamus Quatrain 6/11 is about the real world’s 9/11. Or something surprisingly similar to it. According to Emperor Napoleon ‘imagination can rule the world’ as he and other mega-magicians know.



1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Subit venu l’effrayeur sera/fera grande,
Des principaulx de l’affaire cachés:
Et dame en braise plus ne sera/fera en veue,
De peu à peu seront les grans faschés/saschés.

The typeface indifference  between ‘f’ and ‘s’ in Sixteenth Century France is problematical here. And even the very first word ‘Subit’ which should mean sudden (but ‘subit venu’ could mean underway) might instead be a derivation from the verb ‘subir’, to receive or suffer something. Several translations may be made, line-by-line. Forgive any subsequent confusion:

Preliminary translation:
Line 1.
Suffering comes, the fear high,
A great agitation will be underway,
Sudden anxiety so great,

Line 2.
The principals of the affair hidden/disguised/covered up:

Line 3.
And the lady in embers/encharnelled
will no longer be in sight,

Line 4.
Little by little will the high ones be driven down.
Little by little will the high ones come to be ceaselessly discussed.
Little by little will the high ones become angered.
Little by little will the bundles of charcoal reach high.

Line 1, OF ‘effrayeur’ or ‘esfreor’ is agitation, fear, anxiety. Was the penultimate word here intended to be ‘sera’ or ‘fera’? Or something derived from ‘ferrer’?

(OF ‘fera’ = will make and OF ‘sera’ = will be whilst ‘fer’ = iron or a weapon but the OF verb ‘ferrer’ would mean to pierce with a metal weapon.)

Line 4, OF ‘fâcher’ is to upset somebody. It is very close to the word fasces, the bound bundles of  sticks supporting an axe-head that Rome used to symbolize summary power and judgement. OF ‘saschés’ (‘saschée = sac’) is  like the modern noun ‘sachets’ (Twelfth Century, “sachiees de charbon”, ‘Renart’ ed. Roques) or else OF ‘sachée’, the contents of a small bag, although OF ‘sascher’ could also be a variation of ‘chasser’, to hunt down or drive down or drive out. Otherwise it is OF ‘sasser’ which is a rare imported verb meaning ‘ceaselessly discuss’ and which sounds a lot like a possible forerunner for the New Orleans noun for musical conversation, jass or jazz. (Je sasse = jass?)

Final Translation:
Suffering comes, the fear high,
The principals of the affair hidden
And the lady in embers will no longer be in sight,
Little by little will the high ones be driven down.

The endless discussion about 9/11 includes many visual scenes on Youtube and elsewhere across the web. One of the most haunting is of a lady standing high up, framed in an aperture with smoke streaming around her, then gone. From the bystander’s point of view this is as shocking as a burning at the stake. Even though it is so sad some critics have questioned its verity and this is typical of the whole scenario of 9/11. It is all too difficult to believe.

What is the one best corrective answer to all those conflicting, nonsensical, error-ridden accounts of 9/11 that abound?

 I 91  (IS THE REAL 9 11)

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Les dieux seront aux humains apparences
Ce quils seront auteurs de grand conflit:
Auant ciel veu serain espée & lance,
Que vers main gauche fera plus grand afflit.

The gods will be of human appearance,
The gods will appear to mankind,
The which will be authors of great conflict:
Earlier the sky calm and clear (then) épée and lance
Which will make greater affliction to the lefthand side.

The lance is essentially tubular like a fuselage whilst the épée tapers to a point. In OF, the noun ‘espée’ or ‘épée’can be used to symbolize the especial violence of war.

An awareness of “l’adoration des dieux à forme humaine” is not indicative of a switch to polytheism but an unavoidable part of experiencing the classics, soaked in their demi-god mythology. It’s unlikely that ‘lefthand side’ is meaningful here in terms of mythical symbolism. History is littered with denigratory references to left-handed people for no good reason and the Italian word for left, sinestre, sounds downright sinister to some. Left-right differences are touched on by Michel de Nostredame in the Epistle to the King:

… and not wanting to vouchsafe to them the side opposite to the sharp hand, touching ground, …………………

This sounds a little like a Tarot symbol that is lost to us today. Or a long shield, the typical Roman short sword being the “sharp hand”.

Obviously a right-handed soldier held the short-sword in the right hand and his shield in the left. Either this left hand in Line 4 is defensive by definition or we are faced with the opposite edges of a view to consider.

TV coverage of the 9/11 WTC Twin Towers disaster seemed to be from many small camera angles yet from only one or two directions, as I recall, provoking an intriguing though ridiculous thought “Could Nostredame have included future TV broadcasts in his visionary seeing?”

Apart from the Twin Towers, several large buildings around them were severely damaged but did not collapse (as opposed to the hundred metres distant 47-storey WTC 7 which was lightly damaged but then did collapse) and much of this seemed to happen to the left of the standard recorded view of the Towers.

Almost all aspects of all the events called “9/11” are highly improbable. Cascading from this are numerous improbabilities of photographic record and reporting and sheer mysteries (starting with the missing passenger manifest entries for the named hijackers) mixed with digital deficits, algorithmic amorphisms, suspect splicing and first-class forging of “the news as it happens” by the Mainstream Media such as the BBC (who reported the fall of WT7 before it happened and later blamed their live feed from Reuters) let alone extremely queer contraventions of the basic laws of physics.

The Tarot cards tell another story. The Magician is fundamentally the Fool (God in His purest potentiality) but with His attributes emergent (God the Creative) and Tarot card Number 1 often portrays His left hand pointing down to the ground. He may wear a snake belted continuously around His waist, rather like the constellation Ophiucus. He is the manifester and manipulator of the universe and more. His power is shown by His raised right hand but the left hand is directing His will down upon the Earth below. In beween may be found a tabletop bearing a sword and a staff, a cup and a disc engraved with a star (all of which need to be lifted up before they can fall down).

One interpretation of Tarot card Number 1 is that we are all aspects of the Great God and have abilities that we do not often suspect but that are there ready to be grown out of this infinite potential. Yet lately we are being forced more to face up to our personal power. Look what we have done by not understanding it! We have allowed the wealthy pushers behind the armed forces, the big corporations, the bankers and their puppet politicians to execute multiple monetarization, weaponization, acclimatization and insensitization campaigns so allowing them to believe that it is they who did this enormous thing through their inflated Earthly powers and the influence of their grotesque wealth. Not so. No-one could have stopped it. The God of that clear and calm sky in His potential had somehow set in motion the action, come about through the  épée and lance, the sword and the staff,  a pair of aerial weapons both male and malefic. These pierced high in the sky but their mal-effect was far greater and for much longer down here on the ground.

Nostredame seemingly believed in One God but spoke loosely of the gods, plural, as that was tolerable-to-chic after an Italic classicism revival had swept France. Here some of the executions of the actors are not of human origin, i.e. their motivations are clearly higher or lower than the rest of humanity. Either the answer to our quest has been baffled by demi-gods acting materially or there is no answer; just the Mystery of those International Towers of Babel. And that lies completely beyond our ken. What exactly had we done to warrant such destruction as this? Surely, the victims must have included innocents? Yet when we consider our greater group’s full activities then justifications will come faster, I find. Many leading players secretly suspect that it was they or their team which ran the game on 9/11, but in truth it was over all their heads. That’s why absolutely every possible explanation is shot through with holes.

If 9/11 heralded the start of the long conflict at End Time then may God the Secourable give us succour a-plenty.

Political History Footnote: Some may say that the far-right rocket engineers and their fascist financiers and jackbooting journalists were trampled under in Europe, for

“if we fail … all that we have known and cared for will sink into the abyss of a Dark Age made more sinister and perhaps more protracted by the likes of perverted science” (Churchill, 1940)

but they have subsequently won-over the Americas.

‘I have turned so as to see under the sun, that not to the swift be the race, nor to the mighty the battle, nor even to the wise bread, nor even to the intelligent wealth, nor even to the skilful grace, for time and chance happen with them all.’ Ecclesiastes 9:11

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