1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Vous verrés tost & tard faire grand change

Horreurs extremes, & vindications,

Que si la lune conduicte par son ange

Le ciel s’approche des inclinations.


You (Mankind) are prescribed big material changes sooner and later during this period

Extreme horrors, and their justifications,

For as the Moon is accompanied surely by his Angel OR guided through its Age,

So the sky approaches this influence of the stars.

OR The heavens draw closer to these inherent lines of action.

Richard Roussat (this name is jumbled up in the letters of the First Couplet) was an obscure 16th-century canon and physician who morphed hisself into ‘Magistrum Richardum Roussat’ an expert ‘Astrologian Arcandam’ (these words are separately lettered into the Second and First Couplets respectively). He wrote ‘De veritatibus & praedictionibus astrolgiae’ (1541-42, an international best-seller) and the ‘Livre de l’estat et mutation des temps’ Lyon, 1550 (the letters of this title are in the quatrain as a whole once we allow a duplicate of the ‘m’) and ‘Arcandam’ (sixteen editions, 1562 to 1692). He computed the contemporary ‘cycle of the Moon’ as lasting from the 1530’s to 1880’s. Pierre Brind’Amour sees a link between this Nostradamus verse and Roussat’s prophecies and some see other Nostradame references to the Moon as also linking with the ‘Roussat Moon Cycle’.

(See the famous Pasteur quatrain I 25 investigated in my Notes following the EPISTLE TO THE KING).

Line 1. Is ‘verrés’ an OF verb or an OF noun? OF ‘verrez’ would give us ‘see’ but this line also allows us to discuss the OF noun ‘verre/verrée’. (The adjective meant ‘made out of glass’.) This and its variations had appeared by the Twelfth Century and include ‘papier verré’ and ‘voirre de plomb’ but by 1599 we can find it explained by ‘voire perspective’ otherwise ‘lunettes d’approche’ (reading glasses). In pharmacy it was a measure of volumetric capacity in the containment of liquids. I have attempted to combine these loosely in my translation.

OF ‘tost & tard’. Here ‘tard’ is the end of a long period and so adding ‘tost’ could indicate ‘at first and the same at the end’ or else ‘not long from now and after that’, hence ‘sooner and later’ or ‘during that period’.

Line 2, OF ‘vindications’ may look surprisingly English but like ‘revendications’ it means justifications/claims and that certainly fits to the publicity-sensitive leaders yet to come (from Michel’s perspective) as the revived ‘power of the people’ was soon to revolutionize France, Britain and the New World.

Line 3, OF ‘conduicte/conduite’ is a certain or prescribed path as with a trajectory in ordinance or as ordained or conducted by a guide.

OF ‘ange’ could be either a personage of an immaculate morality and beauty, like an ethereal angel, or else a religious/spiritual epoch.

Line 4, OF ‘ciel’ is Heaven/heavens, the celestial vault, the dwelling-place of the Divinity that favours or facilitates our fates.

OF ‘inclinations’ used astrologically is the influence of the stars otherwise any inherent tendencies.

There is a grand Celestial plan, says Nostredame. The ‘Moon Cycle’ brings bloody revolutions in order to make further material and spiritual eventualities draw closer. It’s all about a path not a destination. Put simply, the Sixteenth Century world had not yet got into line with its future fate and needs must be forcibly and horribly realigned with these unimaginable yet somehow prescribed futures throughout the interim state of transition – presumably Roussat’s years from 1535 to 1885, approximately.

Historical Note 1: From the Thirteenth Century onwards, astrologers became at first a counter to such wild eschatalogical surmises as had emerged from the Great Schism and then simply a further bizarre source of End Time information. In so doing they had become expected by their clients to foresee long-term religious and social developments and an impetus for fulfilling this came from incoming Arab writings on the stars (they already used such long-term ‘prophetic’ techniques on similarly long-range subjects).

Historical Note 2: Thomas Aquinas indulged in the ‘metaphysics of motion’ and posited that angels moved the heavens around as there are intermediary agents of movement interposed systematically between solid objects and these are active but invisible to us.

It may be that bodies visible only to specialized optical devices inhabit Space and exert invisible influences upon other celestial bodies. (Or else these really are spiritual beings!)

Today Science has admitted to a prevalence or a preponderance of Dark Matter in our Universe (but with little or no proof of any darkness or any known material nature) and Dark Energy (another meaningless descriptive phrase that makes it sound like somebody has a clue about what they are saying but simply discriminates the Dark Matter ‘something’ from Dark Energy which is the other unknown or ‘something else’).

Back to the future: things were looking bad to Michel Nostredame in 1555 as he envisioned the world up through 1885 and thereafter. Nostradamus proves generally correct here from the Medieval viewpoint yet in particulars we must look elsewhere. (There are plenty of particular quatrains to investigate.) If it is true – as is revealing itself to researchers now, it would seem – that the First World War 1914-18 was conspired to effect major general changes for an elite group who then went for World War Two 1939-45 instead but failed again to achieve their ends and are now using the same route to a Third World War for the same reasons as before, then they and we are merely following a trajectory proscribed for evil and intended to destroy such evilness forever. Such a politicized duality is fundamental to nearly every religious grouping under the Sun and is inevitably supportive to enmity.


Yet this duality is foreign to any enlightened human spirit. (But isn’t that just another form of duality – simply replacing ‘the initiated versus the common herd’ with ‘the few versus the many’ amongst humanity?) A radical change is required in all our understandings of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ (they both may be risen above equally by the Self but only by climbing the upward incline of the good path and not on the downhill roll of the bad path – which is how it is, a practical point and not a moral statement) also in the current apprehensions of (inherent) knowing and (acquired) knowledge – they should each be replaced by new nouns that reflect their inequality as attributes.

Up to the end of Historical Note 2, above, this is a piece that I first wrote a decade ago and have only today rediscovered. Michel was in many respects cleverer than most and clearly used his version of the Medieval belief in Astrology as a main plank in his goodwill platform. As for me I am not an astrologer but hope that I have managed to acquire an understanding of what I call GODLY ASTROLOGY. (See also the Articles CELESTIAL SCIENCE-ART:A COMPANION and REMOTE VIEWING TIME and SUPERNATURALIZATION and BY WHAT STRANGE FACTOR IS NOSTRADAMUS STILL BEING READ: THE NATURE OF PROPHECY and the Article ADDENDUM to I 56 THE GESTALT STATE DRAWS ON)