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I 26  IX 36  V 50  VIII 17  II 95   THE BROTHERS

“There will be great differences between the three brothers, and then there will be such great cooperation and agreement between them that the three and four parts of Europe will tremble … In nature they will be equal, but very different in faith.” (From the EPISTLE TO THE KING HENRY II)

Henry II of France  and Catherine de Medicis (also see the Nostradamus Quatrain VI 29  CATHERINE’S COUNSEL) had multiple issue, including three sons that were to accede to the throne. King François II (d.1560 aged 15) Charles IX of France (d.1574 aged 23) and Henry III, elected monarch of Poland-Lithuania, King of France (d.1589 aged 37). All the brothers differed widely in a variety of ways but were mostly reconciled to each other – even the failed warrior Francis, Duke of Anjou and Alençon (d. 1584 aged 29) won reconciliation with his brother King Henry III – and each brother-king reigned beside their mother either by legal requirement or in an act of voluntary co-operation.

(These three brother kings were all to die within three-to-four weeks of their own birthday? By what dark fate was that accomplished?)

Britain, the USA and USSR had formed the backbone of the Allied powers in WWII. Looming over the history horizon now are the EU, the USA and Russia, a triad of onward coming totalitarians. (The future of China was inscrutable but is now shaping up that way.)

It’s difficult to argue that three men with the same Christian name are brothers but they might be brothers-in-law or, considerably more likely, brothers-in-war.  On 7/7 in 1585 Henry III of France was obliged to sign the Treaty of Nemours with the Guises and this provoked the War of the Three Henries between Henry III, Henry of Navarre and Henry of Guise. (In 1588 Henry III had the Duke of Guise and his brother Cardinal Louis killed.)

King Louis XI of France and Charles de Valois, Duc de Berry, who held the Duchy of Guyenne until he died in 1472, were the sons of Charles VII of France. They spent much of their lives in brotherly conflict. It’s been quipped that anybody who describes civil war as being incredulously brother-against-brother has never had a brother. Yet rivalry between strangers can drive so deeply that the rivals respond on first meeting each other as if they were long-lost brothers.

The clubishness of brotherhoods can be both personal and impersonal or else by occupation, “We are brothers, we pray together” said Pope Francis to Pope Benedict.

Rome’s patrician family “gens Fabii” in a private war against neighbouring Vei lost all but one of their large extended family at the Battle of the Allia, the first Celtic/Gallic invasion of Rome, precipitated by three Fabii ambassadors, brothers, negotiating with the roaming Senones tribe and killing one of them in breach of the ambassadors position of honour under the Law of Nations.

The two Gracchi brothers, 2B.C., were outstanding Roman tribunes who sought land reform laws and other measures to even-up the social imbalance. But these were to disturb centuries of traditional practices and after a while they were both assassinated. The jumbled letters of their names Tiberius and Gaius may be found in the First Couplet of Quatrain I 26, below, once we allow them to share the sole letter s.

Three brothers are also mentioned in the last line of Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 46 about Pope John Paul II (See the Article MALACHYS POPES AND NOSTRADAMUS)

What is a blood-brother? Are extreme-right and extreme-left totalitarian politicos really brothers under the skin? For the latest activities of international brothers-in-war, the EU-NATO allies, see the post for January 2013 on our sister website http://nostradamondo.wordpress.com/2013/02

There is also the matter of dedicated groups of four, or multiples of four, in ruthless Special Forces units proliferating around the world today under general orders yet acting independently in foreign fields and who could in their enthusiasm displace their national army codes of honour (incrementally, under CIA-type ‘need to know’ auspices).

Which brings us to Syria where the ferocious Islamic brotherhood takes many images and names. (See the Article WATCH OUT WORLD Pt 3)

A late Eighteenth Century Masonic Lodge called ‘Trois Frères à l’Orient de Versailles’ had the brothers of King Louis XVI (Louis Compte de Provence, Charles Compte du Artois) among its members.

There are many examples of male siblings born to invest History, including the present day, but the US especially has had some world-famous pairs:

Allen Dulles was a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations and directed it from 1927 to 1969. John Foster Dulles was a career diplomat/financial lawyer and joined the CFR in the 1930’s. By 1953 the two Dulles brothers had come to dominate US foreign policy. John was Secretary of State, Allen became the CIA’s Director. Together they pushed the curiously equivocal President General Eisenhower to remove Iran’s first democratically elected leader, Mossadeq. Then the CIA and the British secret services (not forgetting the BBC) worked together undercover to overthrow the Iranian government.

Unsurprisingly, the Bundy brothers were both Skull and Bones spooks: William Putnam Bundy worked for the CIA and was Foreign Advisor to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson while McGeorge Bundy was the United States Security Advisor to each of them.

The Nostradamus Quatrain most frequently interpreted as being about the individual assassinations of the US President Kennedy and his Attorney-General brother Robert (but I’m currently outside that box) is this,

I 26

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Le grand du fouldre tumbe d’heure diurne,
Mal & predict par porteur postulaire
Suiuant presaige tumbe d’heure nocturne,
Conflit Reins, Londres, Etrusque pertifere.

This quatrain is a favourite among some Nostradamus Researchers when addressing the deaths of the Kennedy brothers.

Lines 1 and 3, OF ‘tumbe’ is probably the seafish specie Red Snapper and incidentally OF ‘tomberau’ is a net. OF ‘tomber’ means attack and achieve (in the sense ‘to fall upon the prey’) as well as to get down, tumble up and down, dance, overbalance, fall fortunately if foolishly, be in a state of collapse or else to reverse the progress of something or someone.

Line 2, OF ‘postulaire’ could be ‘postulant’, a post-seeker, or ‘implorant’, one who pleads, making ‘porteur postulant’ a candidate bearer or ‘porteur implorant’ an imploring carrier. This sounds like either a candidature issue or a deranged weapon carrier (or somehow both). As OF ‘postuler’ meant to solicit then a ‘postulaire’ could be a position such as legal prosecutor. (The Church appoints Postulators to promote canonifications.) As well as being a carrier a ‘porteur’ can be synonymous with a ‘titulaire’ or post holder. Let’s just say ‘the postulator’ for the time being.

Line 3. Whereas OF ‘presage’ means the heralding of the future, OF ‘prisage’ means an estimation or assessment. (The text version OF ‘presaige’ looks like the product of both.)

Line 4, OF ‘Conflit’ basically means being faced with somebody in a situation of normal good order but to come at them so as to fight hand-to-hand. OF ‘pertifere’ is difficult to trace. My fantasy phrase ‘per tifer’ could have meant ‘as well put’ but probably has never existed whereas ‘petit fer’ might mean a dagger or small sword (or, say, a 22mm handgun as shot Bobby Kennedy). OF ‘petifier’ is probably to make smaller, to reduce. OF ‘pestifère’ meant bringing the deadly plague or, figuratively, one who brings a corrupting effect by their own accompanying malfortune.

Line 4 would then read ‘Lower back attack from afar, fey, reduced’ or ‘A fight at Reims, London, Tuscany bringing the plague’, neither of which makes much sense to me. however, it’s little discussed that Jack Kennedy was on permanent medication and suffered quite severe back problems.

Despite that OF ‘rein’ is the kidney or, in the plural, the lumbar region and OF ‘à Londres’ was a localized expression meaning far beyond and also that ‘Etrusque’ is probably Etruscan, in Roman times a byword for fey, most Nostradamus researchers read Line 4 as ‘Conflict at Reims, London and Tuscany plague’ and then proceed to claim that Nostradamus Quatrain I 26 is about Jack Kennedy – shot dead by day – and his big brother Robert shot dead by night sometime later.

Frankly, as I cannot bring myself to ignore this clumsy Line 4 (is it a word-play?) I cannot get the gist of this quatrain as a whole; perhaps more time must pass.

Note: if Nostredame uses Etrusque to speak of Tuscany, where exactly is the place he refers to elsewhere as Tyrrhen? If Etrusque and Tyrrhen are one and the same, could Etrusque be a lapse of concentration or memory during the printing process allowing substitution of Etrusque for Tyrrhen? Well, maybe, but possibly we are directed to a Tyrrhenian Sea port such as Salerno or Palermo amongst several others.

I think Line 4 was almost certainly meant as more than it seems. What publishing mistakes might have occurred? Cardinal Jean de Lorraine had been ‘Archbishop of Reims, Lyon, Narbonne’ and prior to that a Bishop of Thérouanne. Is ‘Reins, Londres, Etrusque’ a broken-down form of ‘Reims Lyon Thérouanne’? Well, today “Lyon” does not sound much like “Londres” but “Tyrrhen” is not so dissimilar to “Thérouanne’ as to bar any misunderstanding. It was after Jean’s death, however, that Thérouanne, a French town notionally inside the border of the HRE, was razed to the ground and the very soil of it destroyed by vengeful Charles V, son of Joanna the Mad, after his being bested at the walls of Metz in 1553. Which is to say that he brought an annihilating effect purely because of other ill fortunes, the aforementioned figurative meaning of OF ‘pestifère’.

Translation of Lines 1, 2 and 3:
The great one by day at the time of the falling lightning,
An evil signalled beforehand by the postulator
Following the warning signs at the time of the lightning fallen by night,

Tentative Translation of Line 4:
Thérouanne, once the Diocese of Jean de Lorraine Archbishop of Reims and Lyon, broken asunder as the result of misfortunes elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I can neither conflate the original Line 4 with Lines 1, 2 and 3 to make a meaningful whole quatrain nor yet commit to a final translation-interpretation of this Nostradamus Quatrain I 26.

(For more on Kennedy outcomes see the Article

IX 36 

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Vn grand Roy prins entre les mains d’vn loyne,
Non loin de Pasque confusion coup cultre:
Perpet.captifs temps que fouldre en la husne,
Lors que trois freres se blesseront & murtre.

A great King taken by the hands of a young man,
Not far from Pasque confusion, a knife thrust:
Interred in perpetuity at the time of lightning ‘en la husne’,
Then it will be that three brothers will wound & slaughter.

Line 3. ‘Perpet.captifs’ might be a word puzzle – anagrams seem as old as Moses – or could be an attempt to pin an intended meaning to the span of the quatrain. However the non-word ‘husne’ seems very like a pseudonym or anagram, perfect or otherwise. If we drop the opening ‘silent h’ we are left with ‘usne’ to play with and this gives ‘S.Nue’. (As OF ‘la nue’ can mean ‘the cloud’ we may have a convoluted use of French and English that could bring us to ‘St. Cloud’ although this notion seems difficult to swallow.) OF ‘foudre’ is lightning or a shock/blast akin to lightning in some way or else a brightness/power in the eyes. (Today ‘fougue’ can mean fiery).

All-in-all, Line 3 “Perpet.captifs temps que fouldre en la husne” appears mysterious. Perhaps if ‘en la usne’ is an anagram it will yield up ‘alunées’ which by analogy is to apply pressure. This would relate to the chemical compound ‘alun/alum’ as was listed and used by the great alchemist Philippus Bombast von Hohenheim (Paracelsus, d.1541 aged 47). OF ‘alumée’ was an alum bath (apparently it turns glassy and aqueous when placed in fire). Other OF words found are ‘allumer’, meaning to give brilliant light and ‘aluminé’, which means ‘includes alum’. The captive feature in ‘alun/alum’ was a feathery white impurity, impervious to fire, which was probably asbestos which at long last has been recognized as deadly to inhale as it can take root in the lungs, much like a plant. (Paracelsus, an inspiration to Nostradamus I feel, was once an itinerant physician. He embraced Hermetical, Neo-Platonist and Pythagorean philosophies but rejected magic, as Michel Nostradame did also.)

Line 4, ‘OF ‘murtre/meurtre’ would be assassination or murder/manslaughter.

A great king at Pasque suggests Easter or some act of God. Once we concede ‘Pasque’ as intending or inferring ‘Paris’, however, this quatrain transforms.

As well as the Dominican brotherhood of monks (the second couplet contains the letters both for Dominic/Dominique and Ordo Praedicatorum, the whole quatrain then yielding both the longer version ‘Ordo Fratrum Praedicatorum’ and the diminutive ‘ordre dominicain’) the metaphor of brotherhood is commonly associated with warrior bands and soldiers.

King Henry III was with his army at St.Cloud on 1 August 1589, the eve of his assault on Paris. This was in the Hauts-de-Seine (which contains the sequential letters ‘husne’ so rendering ‘Perpet.captifs’ a deliberate signal that the line is abbreviated to comport to the poetic metre). A young fanatical friar faked his access to Henry with false papers and suddenly plunged a knife into the King. Loyal guards attacked and killed him. (The three brothers are three of the devoted Royal Guard?) Henry III was the last of the Valois. (If we keep the ‘V’ in ‘Vn’ we have all the letters for ‘Valois’ contained in Line 1.) At the king’s death, the whole of the assembled army drifted apart in confusion and left.

The saved inhabitants of Paris rejoiced to God over the lightning-strike death of the King for which they credited Him more than the young friar, Jacques Clement.

Line 3 incidentally contains the letters for ‘Frere Clement’ and the young friar’s full name is in the whole quatrain once we allow the ampersand to represent the letter ‘J’.


The phrase ‘Perpet.captifs’ might at a stretch be applied to the Pope who first legitimized papal resignation (See the Nostradamus Quatrains V 15, III 72 and III 36  THE HERMIT PRISONER POPE ) and perhaps will describe Benedict XVI who retired near to Easter to quietly suffer immunity at Castel Gandolfo while his place was taken by his “brother” (perhaps sharing his predicted Malachy positioning as well). I guess time will tell. (Also see the post for February 2013 at our sister website http://nostradamondo.wordpress.com)

V 50

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

L’an que les freres du lys seront en aage,
L’vn d’eulx tiendra la grande Romanie:
Trembler les monts ouuert Latin passaige,
Pache marcher contre fort d’Armenie.

The year that the brothers of the lily come of age,
One of them will hold ‘la grande Romanie’:
The mountains tremble giving passage to the Latins,
A pact to march against the ‘fort d’Armenie’/the strong of ‘Armenie’.

Line 4, OF ‘fort d’Armenie’ is ambiguously balanced, poised between the noun ‘fortress’ and the adjective ‘strong’. As a source of alphabetical rearrangements it will produce Rome, Romaine or Romanie whilst the entire phrase can be rearranged as ‘Rome fendrait’, OF ‘fendrait’ meaning ‘would break apart or split along its length as the result of a pressure shock such as by a weapon of war (or a high moral dilemma)’.

Many social rituals are decorated with cut lilies, including accolades naturally placed upon funeral caskets. Or the lily might signify the Kingdom of France. The event of the brothers ‘coming of age’ may be the significant point here or this may be simply a time-marker for the balance of the quatrain. Germany, France and Italy form the heart of Continental Europe and always have done.

Medieval Armenia was divided West-East. The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia became a Mongol vassal state and was destroyed by Egyptian Mamalukes a hundred years later. The letters for ‘Cilicie’ and Armenia’s augmented alternative name ‘Hayastan’ also are available jumbled up in this quatrain.

Medieval Romania was Moldova, Transylvania and Wallachia. All three countries had benefited early on from Khazar stabilization and settlement in Central Asia on the edge of Eastern Europe creating a buffer that enabled them to stabilize and develop in their turn. The Ottomans were a constant worry to these Saxon Catholic kings. If we should accept the letter ‘v’ (conventionally substituted for ‘u’ in Line 2) then the country names ‘Moldove’ and ‘Transylvanie’ may be extracted from this quatrain.

Nostredame seems to mention Romania more often than we would expect in the Centuries. Perhaps he held in his collection of books some special history of the place. Otherwise he means somewhere other when he writes of ‘Romanie’. Is ‘la grande Romanie’ the Western Empire or else the HRE?

The Holy Roman Empire was founded by Charlemagne “father of Europe”, the grandson of Charles Martel and son of Pépin le Bref, King of the Franks/Francia, who initially ruled as a Palace Mayor alongside his brother Carloman.

Although the ‘lys’ in Line 1 looks like it should be the national or heraldic fleur-de-lys (‘freres du lys’ sounds almost a play upon ‘fleur-de-lys’) the Roman military used a lily-shaped defensive trap that was also referred to in OF as the ‘lys’.

World War II‘s Hitler and Mussolini were kings by other names. “The King eats the people.” Although not true brothers and not born royal, these brothers are Kings in a firm sense, that of unalloyed or unchallengeable power for a season. Their relationship to the turfs of Germany or Italy is not dissimilar to the old French kings and assorted monarchs with their sovereign territories. Given sufficient controls and persuasive ways they may do as they wish. They may commit to Wars and command national resources. They may form alliances and break them at will. They may seize land as if a God-given right. This would extend Eastward to Poland (following the historic French example) and from there into Russia or else Northward to Norway, West to France, Benelux, the Netherlands, even contemplating the cross to Britain, and Southward to North Africa (emulating the Roman example, as Western dictators always have). They might select or control the Pope in Rome, at least for the duration, and they could purge all alternative power bases. Which they did.

The second part of Line 3 has an alternative meaning of ‘Latin Mountain Pass’. This could mean over the Alps or somewhere in South America such as the challenging passes over the Andes. Rome’s enemy Hannibal actually came from a culture that feared mountain travel as the heights were closer to the gods so more likely to pull lightning strikes and sudden disaster down upon them.

(Also see the second Nostradamus Quatrain in VIIII (IX) 76 and II 30  HUMAN SACRIFICE YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW)

This Nostradamus Quatrain V 50 is over-ambiguous yet not without its intriguing features. The next two quatrains, taken together, round this page off (but still refuse to positively identify the two or three or more brothers Nostredame believed were predestined as chapter headings in future history).


1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Les bien aisez subit seront desmis
Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble,
Cité marine saisiront ennemis,
Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de to’ maux le double.

Those at ease will suddenly become cast down/downcast
The world put into trouble by the three brothers
The enemies seizing the marine city,
Hunger, fire, blood, epidemic and a warning of twice these ills.

OF ‘desmis/des mis’ = cast/put into.

OF ‘to’ as onomatoepia could be ‘toc/tocsin’ or as an abbreviation may intend OF ‘tohu bohu’ being a general disorder reminiscent of chaos in the Book of Genesis.

II 95

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Les lieux peuples seront inhabitables:
Pour champs auoir grande diuision:
Regnes liurés à prudents incapables,
Lors les grands freres mort & dissention.

The populous places will be uninhabitable:
The farm fields too broken up:
Realms are delivered to ones incapable of prudence:
Then discord and death (*) the big brothers.

(*) Line 4 is a-grammatical. Are the big brothers called discord and death? I think I’ll go with ‘Then discord and death for the big brothers’.

In Western Europe, North America and Japan (“The West”) the growth years following WWII were increasingly plentiful for all, even becoming over-abundant for some. This new millennium is showing rapid general declines. Some of great wealth have seen the coming of the end of the present monetary era and are mopping-up, extorting from governments, gaming the economy, rigging the markets, cashing-in as insiders and generally taking out as much as they can before the end so as to maximize their own assets and minimize everybody elses. In so doing they have achieved, by criminal powers, a stranglehold over politicians, lawmakers and judiciaries. Tyrrany and its brothers, genocide and eugenics, are on the march – at first treading softly. Puppet appointees need must misrule by dint of their inferiority alone. Greed and fear now reign – attracting the coffin lilies of society. Military law, bogus courts, shameless lawyers, almost every daily activity in some way made illegal, unscrupulous law enforcement, disrespectful and brazen whole spectrum surveillance, millions will be worked to death or suffer inhuman fates. The people have been readily confused and de-cultured by the Hegelian dialectic principle already acted out for decades by the MiaSMa from the heavily controlled MSM. Ultimately dissension, discord and confrontation comes and the big-brother tyrants go down in the draught together with their fraudulent financial foundations.