1555  Lyon  Bonhomme

Profonde argille blanche nourrir rochier,
Qui d’un abysme istra lacticineuse,
En vain troubles ne l’oseront toucher
Ignorants estre au fond terre argilleuse.

The rock fishes nurtured by deep white clay,
Which from an abyss will emanate lactatiously.
Pointless muddyings: no tangible record in stone;
It is a standing ignorance that the fundamental earth is clay-like.

In 2010 a soft muddy island (30m below and 60m above sea level) with a surface of approximately 3 km x 3 km appeared in relatively shallow waters 3 kilometers from the shore of the Hangol area of Balochistan, Pakistan. Fishermen observed “white slippery hot sand’ erupting from the water. Once the new island had formed it was possible to stand on the still-bubbling white earth that had then changed from “hot liquid sludge” to an apparently clay-like texture in rounded heaps.

The area spans the Eurasian, Arabian and Indian ‘tectonic plates’ with high seismic activity and subduction. The active Chaman Transverse Fault is moving several centimetres per annum and so could account for the sudden upsurge at Hangol. As they say for the Great Wall of China, the Chaman Fault of Pakistan can be seen from Space. It is thought responsible for serial earthquakes recorded including the massive Quetta quake in 1935.

It seems local fishermen remember well a new white island 12 years before that had fallen back below the sea just four months later.

Contrary to science then and now (our knowledge of the heart of the planet is deduced from surface rock records and sound wave reflections) Michel tries to remove our ignorance by declaring that the Earth’s innard is actually clay-like. (At least 1% of the Earth’s crust is the major white pigment titanium that is found everywhere.)

(also see the article NOSTRADAMUS GEOGRAPHY)

                                                Nigel Raymond Offord © 2011