Please see the panel headed PAGES for the current list of Nostradamus Quatrains in the same numbered order as they are found in The Centuries. (However, many more quatrains are addressed by me just as fully in the Articles General section listed beneath that.) Here is a sample translation/analysis:

Nostradamus Quatrain VII 33 DECEPTIONS CALLED OUT

Par fraude, regne, forces expolier,
La classe obsesse, passages à l’espie :

Deux faincts amis se viendront t’allier,
Esueiller haine de long temps assoupie.

Line 1, OF ‘expolier’ is explored in the Nostradamus Quatrain V 67 THIS IS LA PEROUSE where it is translated “to rob somebody by deception or force”.

Line 2, OF ‘classe’ originally referred to the divisions and groups of the Roman population census, categories of people, but it came to refer to divers classifications. It also has a usage contingent with the specialised noun OF ‘flotte’ which meant a grouping or regrouping of ships (but the English ‘fleet’ is not advisable as the automatic choice of translation for OF ‘classe’).

Line 3. The Sixteenth Century typescript has the same symbol for either ‘f’ or ’s’. Which is it to be?

OF ‘fainct’ (possibly from OF ‘feindre/faindre’ meaning conceal, disguise)
OF ‘sainct’ (saintly)

OF ‘allier’ is to bring about union with the secondary meanings of ‘to attract unfavourably’ or ‘to rally’.

Line 4, OF ‘esueiller’ is difficult to trace. There is a newer version ‘éveillé’, vigilant, attentive, but probably it is simply OF ‘veiller’. We can find “être en état de veille; ne pas dormir pendant le temps destiné au sommeil”, or being wakeful during the sleeping hours, in the ‘Psautier Oxford’ (c.1120, édite Fr. Michel) or else it might mean to be wide-eyed attentive.

OF ‘assoupie’ is from the Latin ‘sopire’, to sleep. It has a general meaning, to keep some person(s) calmed down.

Deceptively robbed by fraudulent rule of force,
A compulsive clan/compelling cabal opens portals for foreign prying:

Two in the guise of fellowship will come to rally thee,
Awakening a profound hostility for that long time of subdued, supine drowziness.

At first sight this quatrain seems like an alchemical recipe with ‘thee’ being a direct address to the ingredients and their reactions. But it could also double for a declaration of the awakening of America (over half complete at this time, November 2016, and growing fast). The quatrain refers to fraudulence and treachery and is thoroughly conspiratorial in tone:

Line 1 by the powerful State officials the common wealth gets emptied out surreptitiously

Line 2 a group or family that can’t restrain themselves sells out the nation for personal gain of some sort

Line 3 two unlikely bedfellows, perhaps a couple though not a normal couple, somehow manage to wake the nation up and so unite those previously asleep

Line 4 the result is profound hostility against the stealth defrauders and stealth betrayers that operated whilst the nation itself remained happily ‘eyes closed’.

Everybody knows that the central or Federal Government of the American States has grown to enormous proportions at the same time as industry has vacated the US.

President Obama gauchely announced “You didn’t make that business, somebody else made that happen” downplaying entrepreneurship and elevating policy wonks and government controls to a position of superiority. Unfortunately this resembles closely a corporate Head Office deluded into thinking that business just comes in automatically and then closing its branches as an unnecessary expense, only to lose many of their new business orders which were developed mostly through local acquaintanceships. (Daily life is about people, despite developing legal fictions like corporations and brands and political organisations).

There is an overwhelming restlessness in the United States and elsewhere. The economy should resemble a pyramid with GDP, the manufacturing-servicing economy, filling-out the bottom, government expenses in the narrowed middle strip and interbank monies in the small space at the top. Instead the pyramid stands upside down with GDP in the small space at the bottom, being the least attended to, the govt monies including much ‘black budget economics’ bulging in the middle, and bank-to-bank dealings occupying the elevated wide base, being the greatest volume of all thanks to insane ‘derivatives’ and socially-destructive welfare-for-wealth payments, ultimately invigorating the veins of the 1% of the 1% of the 1%.

Sweeping reforms seem necessary to avoid total social collapse (rendering utterly powerless the sassy, self-serving spiritual weaklings now holding the reins of corruption) and yet the underdogs, some now barking, were let lie the longest time by those who should have tended to them and informed them.

Many persons may need much forgiveness.

NigelRaymondOfford(C) 2016

Ps. Using my patent method of discovering words that seem affiliated by jumbling the letters used in Michel Nostradame’s lines, couplets and the quatrain as a whole (and following the Sixteenth Century rules of anagram including duplication of letters and employing standard OF substitutions such as “i” for ‘j’ or “i” for “y”) we may extract the following names from the Nostradamus Quatrain VII 33:

DISCLAIMER: It is almost beyond belief that Nostredame intended all these contemporary names to be hidden in here. Perhaps there is a coincidence of some kind taking place? The list itself was not even suggested by me, I borrowed it from another website with which I have no connection but which I happened to surf and then found them each in VII 33, to my surprise!

President Obama

Huma Abedin

Gehad El Haddad

Eric Schmidt

Jared Cohen

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton

Burhan Ghalioun

Teneo Holdings

Marc Turi