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The First Couplet incidentally contains the jumbled letters of the modern Fr. ‘masse européen’ and ‘europe unie’ (or even ‘union européenne’, save for missing one letter ‘n’). It also contains the letters of ‘le grand nombre fait mauvais’ or ‘un grand nombre est mauvais’ (the large number is bad). And ‘sortie en mer’, sea-trip, ‘apitoiement’, compassion, pity, ‘migrant/migrer’, migrations. Otherwise ‘envahisseur’, invader, with the feared outcomes ‘le rapt’, ‘ravissement/ravir, ‘murtre’, ‘pillé’, ‘violer/violateur’.

The Second Couplet houses the active verb OF ‘voguera’, to sail. Combine this with the very similar OF ‘vaguera’, to wander, lost, and OF ‘vogue’, to be fêted or famous (think political correctness/destruction of the European model of family culture with deliberate favouring of the unaccustomed/deliberate demoting of discriminatory thought-processes/the prized striking of select totalitarian attitudes).

Nostradamus Quatrain IX 83

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Sol vingt de taurus si fort terre trembler.

Le grand theatre rempli ruinera,

L’air, ciel & terre obscurcir & troubler,

Lors l’infidelle Dieu & sainctz voguera.


Sun twenty of Taurus signifies earthquake.

The great theatre will be completely ruined,

The air, sky and earth darkened and troubled,

When God and his saints will ‘vogue’ the infidel.

Something smells like fish. The language printed here does not really work. Yet it seems so surprising to suspect printer’s dictation errors in an era of keenly conscientious copyists of the handwritten manuscript. I suppose speed was of the essence with hot metal.

Line 1, OF ‘si’ means variously an objection, failure, lack, restriction or the manner of doing a thing. It is also in use as so, yes and if. As used here, though, it seems more related to the OF verb ‘signifier’.

Line 4, OF ‘infidèle’ is a heretic, a pagan or one of lapsed faith. From the narrow Sixteenth Century Catholic point of view it most probably meant Muslim. OF ‘voguera’ was to row or sail and OF ‘vogeur’ was a rower but OF ‘vogue’ meant fame or to fête. OF ‘vougue’ was a knife on a wooden stick or a sickle. OF ‘venger’ meant inflicting compensatory suffering and this fits to the Judeo-Christian notion of YHVVH the vengeful god but there is no declension of it that even remotely resembles ‘voguera’. OF ‘vaguer’ meant to be lost, to wander hither and thither. People of a foreign clime unhoused?

Medievalists hunt and find local hand-transcribed oddities including letter transferences freely made for the vowels, Picardy and Provence being regularly apart on many written sounds (whilst Latin vowels once converted to Francien is another conundrum altogether).

When will all this doom happen? It all depends; 20 Taurus could be 21st April to May 20th in the Sign of Taurus or any time that the Sun is at 20 degrees Taurus, whatever that may suggest … ‘God will vogue the infidel’ is meaningless as a foresight. But with hindsight, who knows?
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